Philanthus variolosus ARNOLD, 1932, ARNOLD, 1932

Eaumont, 2017, The Philanthinae Wasps of the " Biologiezentrum Linz " - Collection in Linz, Austria including the genera Aphilanthops PATTON, Clypeadon PATTON, Odontosphex ARNOLD, Philanthinus de BEAUMONT, Philanthus FABRICIUS, Pseudoscolia RADOSZKOWSKI and Trachypus KLUG, Linzer biologische Beiträge 49 (2), pp. 1245-1274: 1265-1266

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Philanthus variolosus ARNOLD, 1932


Philanthus variolosus ARNOLD, 1932   (4 ♀♀, 7 33)

E t h i o p i a: 13, Sidamo province, ~ 50 km NE Mega, 1420m, 24.IV.2007, leg. J. Halada; 13,

Wachile env., 04°32'N 39°03'E, 1070m, 30.-31.V.2015, leg. J. Halada.

K e n y a 2♀♀, 333, Voi (Tsavo) env., 22.XI.-2.XII.1996, leg. Mi. Halada; 2 ♀♀, 233, Voi (Tsavo) env., 8.-18.XI.1996, leg. Mi. Halada.

N o t e: The hitherto unknown male of Philanthus variolosus   differs from the female only in having the sterna III-V with frings of erect setae apically. The male of P. variolosus   is similar to P. rubidus   but differs distinctly in having the terga I-V shining and very coarsely and deeply but not closely punctate; the punctures are nearly as large as the hindocelli. Additionally, the tergum I is distinctly narrowed apically and the sterna III-V have frings of erect setae (The male of P. rubidus   has the terga I-V dull, microscopically rugulose and the sterna III-V have no regular frings of erect setae and additionally, the tergum I is only slightly narrowed apically).