Trachypus varius (TASCHENBERG, 1875)

Eaumont, 2017, The Philanthinae Wasps of the " Biologiezentrum Linz " - Collection in Linz, Austria including the genera Aphilanthops PATTON, Clypeadon PATTON, Odontosphex ARNOLD, Philanthinus de BEAUMONT, Philanthus FABRICIUS, Pseudoscolia RADOSZKOWSKI and Trachypus KLUG, Linzer biologische Beiträge 49 (2), pp. 1245-1274: 1269

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Trachypus varius (TASCHENBERG, 1875)


Trachypus varius (TASCHENBERG, 1875)   (1 3)

A r g e n t i n i a:13, N Parana, 50m, 31°14'S 59°59'W, 15.I.2009, leg. Ma. Halada.

The following specimens of Trachypus   could not be named: Argentinia (13), Paraguay (1♀, 13)