Anisotoma blanchardi ( Horn, 1880 )

Majka, Christopher & Langor, David, 2008, The Leiodidae (Coleoptera) of Atlantic Canada: new records, faunal composition, and zoogeography, ZooKeys 2 (2), pp. 357-402: 383-384

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Anisotoma blanchardi ( Horn, 1880 )


Anisotoma blanchardi ( Horn, 1880)  

NOVA SCOTIA: Annapolis Co.: Channel Lake , 6-17.VII.2005, S. Poirier, mapleoak-birch forest, (1, CGMC)   ; Colchester Co.: Debert , 17.VI.1993, E. Georgeson, (1, NSNR)   ; Cumberland Co.: Spencer’s Island , 29.VI.1995, C. Corkum, old coniferous forest, flight-intercept trap, (1, NSMC)   ; Westchester-Londonderry , 20.VII.1992, S. and J. Peck, forest road, car net, (1, JCC)   ; Guysborough Co.: George Lake , 1-16. VII.1997, D.J. Bishop, red spruce forest, flight-intercept trap, (1, NSMC)   ; Halifax Co.: Abraham’s Lake , 1-16.VII.1997, D.J. Bishop, old-growth red spruce forest, flightintercept trap, (1, NSMC)   ; Pockwock Lake , 20.VII.1970, P. Doleman, in moss in decaying stump, (1, NSMC)   ; Inverness Co.: Lone Shieling, Cape Breton Highlands National Park , 1.VII.1983, 4.VII.1983, 11.VII.1983, and VII.1983, J.R. Vockeroth, forest, malaise trap, (6, CNC)   ; Queens Co.: Medway River , 13.VII.1993, J. and T. Cook, car net, (4, JCC)   ; Yarmouth Co.: Wellington , 1-7.VI.1999, J. Cook, mixed coastal forest, flight-intercept trap, (1, JCC)   .

Anisotoma blanchardi   is newly recorded in Nova Scotia and in Atlantic Canada ( Fig. 9 View Fig ). It was collected between May and September in log and forest floor litter. Slime mold hosts include Stemonitis fusca, Metatricha   sp., and Lycogola sp. ( Wheeler 1979).


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Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes