Miniopterus minor Peters, 1867

Cakenberghe, Victor Van, Tungaluna, Guy-Crispin Gembu, Akawa, Prescott Musaba, Seamark, Ernest & Verheyen, Erik, 2017, The bats of the Congo and of Rwanda and Burundi revisited (Mammalia: Chiroptera), European Journal of Taxonomy 382 (382), pp. 1-327 : 73

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Miniopterus minor Peters, 1867


Miniopterus minor Peters, 1867

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* Miniopterus minor Peters, 1867 (for 1866): 870.

Hayman et al. (1966: 60) reported M. minor from one locality: Thysville (= Mbanza Ngungu, Kongo Central Province). Two specimens from caves near Thysville (RMCA 10061, 22501) were originally identified as M. schreibersi villiersi , but were re-identified as M. minor , and this was also the case for a specimen from Kisala (INPBC W1462). All these localities are in the extreme western part of the DRC.

Happold (2013 ar: 717) indicates that M. minor is distributed over three areas in continental Africa: on São Tomé, in western DCR and southwestern Congo and in the coastal boundary area between Kenya and Tanzania. The species is furthermore also reported from the Central African Republic, the Comoro Islands and from Madagascar ( ACR 2016: 1191).

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