Pedrocortesella anica, Hunt, 1996

Hunt, Glenn S., 1996, A review of the genus Hexachaetoniella Paschoal in Australia (Acarina: Cryptostigmata: Pedrocortesellidae), Records of the Australian Museum 48 (3), pp. 223-286 : 230-231

publication ID 10.3853/j.0067-1975.48.1996.431


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Pedrocortesella anica


Pedrocortesella anica n.sp.

Figs 2, 3, 4A-C

Type material. Australian Capital Territory: HOLOTYPE adult . ANIC, Black Mountain, Canberra , 35°16'S 149°06'E, open forest, extraction leaf litter GoogleMaps , ANIC berlesate 1067, T. Weir , 20 October 1986 . PARATYPE adults. ANIC, same data as holotype, 6 adults ; AM KS46544 , SEM stub no. S/256 (ill.), same data 5 adults View Materials ; AM KS43682 , same data, 2 adults View Materials ; FMNH, same data, 2 adults ; CNC, same data, 2 adults ; AM KS46546 , SEM stub no. S!l70 (ill.), beside Federal Highway, just N. of Canberra on NSW/ACT border, 35°23'S 149°23'E, open forest beneath E. viminalis , berlese extraction of leaf litter, G.S. Hunt, 10 May 1992, 3 adults View Materials GoogleMaps ; AM KS43683 , same data, 13 adults View Materials GoogleMaps ; AM KS46557 , SEM stub no. S!l22 (ill.), 1 km N. of Mount Gingera , 35°33'S l 48°47'E, berlese extraction moss, ANlC berlesate 699, A. Calder, 18 February 1981, 3 adults GoogleMaps .

Other material examined. New South Wales: AM KS46558 , SEM stub no. S/243, Kanangra-Boyd National Park , 34°03'S l50005'E, closed forest, berlese extraction, litter and moss , ANIC berlesate 828, L. Hill , 20 March 1992, 2 adults ; AM KS46559 , SEM stub no. S1l19, 4.8 km E.N.E. of Moruya, 35°55'S l50006'E , ANIC berlesate 267, tea tree, N.J. Mitchell 30 March 1970, 2 adults ; AM KS43684 , Adaminaby , 36°00'S l 48°47'E, ex soil in paddock, 18 June 1984, 4 adults GoogleMaps .

Diagnosis. Body medium, length about 450 - 550 f. tm; scalps rarely (if at all) carried by adult; sensillus with long flattened tuberculate blade; notogaster reticulate-foveate, each small fovea perforated by pore, integument with transverse ridges between lines of foveae; 5 pairs of notogastral setae, each arising from pit; genitoanal chaetotaxy 7:1:2:3, genital setae in essentially straight file, insertion of seta ad3 adjacent to posterior half of anal valve; claw stalk very short.


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