Pedrocortesella propinqua, P.Balogh, 1985

Hunt, Glenn S., 1996, A review of the genus Hexachaetoniella Paschoal in Australia (Acarina: Cryptostigmata: Pedrocortesellidae), Records of the Australian Museum 48 (3), pp. 223-286: 272-274

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Pedrocortesella propinqua


Pedrocortesella propinqua   P. Balogh

Figs 10A-C,I, 39, 40

Pedrocortesella propinqua   P. Balogh, 1985: 51, fig. 2A-D.

Pheroliodes propinqua   .- Woas, 1992: 144.

Type material. New South Wales: HOLOTYPE adult, ANIC, Barrington Tops, near Salisbury, Nothofagus moorei   leaf litter, temperate rainforest, 1520 m, G.B. Monteith, 10 February 1965.  

Material examined. New South Wales: AM KS4651 O   , SEM stub no. S/295, Allyn River Park near crossing of Allyn River, N. of Salisbury, 32°1O'S 151°30'E, subtropical rainforest, berlesate bark scraped from trees, G.S.Hunt, 5 October 1993, 1 adult   ; AM KS43669 Mount Allyn , near Barrington Tops, 32°08'S 151°26'E bark scraped from Nothofagus   , temperate rainforest, G.S. Hunt, 20 Sept. 1993, 13 adults GoogleMaps   ; AM KS46518, SEM stub no. S/333 (ill.), same data, 3 adults GoogleMaps   ; AM KS46511, SEM stub no. S/132, 15 km S. Kempsey beside Pacific   Highway, 32°12'S 151°49'E, dry sclerophyll, berlesate leaf and bark litter from base of Eucalyptus, G.S.Hunt   , 18 July 1992, 1 adult; AM KS43665, S. of Grafton beside Pacific Highway, 30000'S 153°06'E, dry sclerophyll, berlesate leaf and bark litter, G.S.Hunt, 18 July 1992, 1 adult   ; AM KS46512, SEM stub no. S/145, same data, 3 adults   ; AM KS46513, SEM stub no. S/151-05 (ill.), S. of Casino beside Casino-Grafton road, 29°06'S 153°00'E, dry sclerophyll, ber1esate leaf and bark litter, G.S.Hunt, 18 July 1992, 1 adult GoogleMaps   ; AM KS43668, same data, 1 adult GoogleMaps   ; AM KS46514, SEM stub no. S/239, Echo Head Falls , Kanangra-Boyd National Park, 33°59'S 150006'E   , ANIC berlesate 856, litter near creek, L. Hill , 3 October 1982, 1 adult   ; AM KS46515 SEM stub no. S/249, same data, 1 adult   ; ANIC, same data, 1 adult   ; AM KS46516, SEM stub no. SI 246 (ill.), 9.6 km S. Gilgandra , 31°49'S 148°39'E GoogleMaps   , ANIC berlesate 89, L.A. Mound , 6 June 1968, 2 adults   ; AM KS43667 same data, 3 adults   ; ANIC, same data, 6 adults   ; AM KS46517, SEM stub no. S/002 (ill.), Gulpa Island State Forest , Deniliquin, 35°43'S 145°00'E, River Red Gum flood plain, berlesate grass and soil, G.S.Hunt, July 1991, 1 adult GoogleMaps   ; AM KS43668, same data but from base of tree in dry plot, 8 adults GoogleMaps   ; AM KS46519, SEM stub no. S/338 (ill.), Hartley Vale Beck , 33°32'S 150014'E, leaf litter at foot of eucalypt in old cemetery, berlesate, G.S. Hunt, Easter 1992, I adult   ; AM KS43670, Tilbuster Hill, N. of Armidale , beside the New England Highway, 30019'S 151°42'E, leaf litter, GS. Hunt, 11 June 1995, 1 adult   ; ANIC, 13 km S. of Collarenebri , 29°34'S 148°35'E, berlese extraction Geijera   leaflitter GoogleMaps   , ANIC berlesate 88, L.A. Mound , 5 June 1968, 35 adults   plus nymphs; AM KS46520 SEM stub no. S/432, same data, I adult   ; AM KS46521, SEM stub no. S/431, Liverpool Ranges , New England Highway near Murrurundi, 31°45'S 150048'E, leaf litter, GS. Hunt, 11 June 1995, I adult   .

Queensland: AM KS46522, SEM stub no. S/269, Bulburin State Forest, via Builyan, 24°34'S 151°29'E, dry sclerophyll, berlesate bark scraped from trunks and litter, GS. Hunt , 6 July 1993 3 adults GoogleMaps   ; QM, same data, 1 adult GoogleMaps   .

South Australia: AM KS46523   , SEM stub no. S/208, 4.8 km W. Parilla, 35°18'S 140039'E, Mallee   , ANIC berlesate 184, R.W. Taylor, 12 January 1970, 3 adults   .

Diagnosis. Body medium sized, length about 500-550 Ilm; scalps rarely (if at all) carried by adult; sensillus with long flattened blade; bothridium diamond-shaped; notogaster entirely foveate-reticulate, many foveae with pore; 5 pairs of long notogastral setae, notogaster without caudal notch when viewed from above; broad separation of genital and anal vestibules; genitoanal chaetotaxy 7:1:2:3, genital setae in arcuate file, level of insertion of ad3 adjacent to proximal 30-40% of anal valve; claw stalk short.


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Pedrocortesella propinqua

Hunt, Glenn S. 1996

Pheroliodes propinqua

Woas, S. 1992: 144

Pedrocortesella propinqua

Balogh, P. 1985: 51