Pedrocortesella impedita, Hunt, 1996

Hunt, Glenn S., 1996, A review of the genus Hexachaetoniella Paschoal in Australia (Acarina: Cryptostigmata: Pedrocortesellidae), Records of the Australian Museum 48 (3), pp. 223-286 : 258-259

publication ID 10.3853/j.0067-1975.48.1996.431


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Pedrocortesella impedita


Pedrocortesella impedita n.sp.

Figs 27, 28

Type material. Western Australia: HOLOTYPE adult , WAM, Mount York , ca 31°53'S 116°48'E, berlesate of she-oak litter, J. Bannister, 16 November 1991 GoogleMaps . PARATYPE adults. ANIC, same data as holotype, 2 adults GoogleMaps ; AM KS46541 , SEM stub no. S/40l (ill), same data, 3 adults GoogleMaps ; AM KS46542 , SEM stub no. S/420, York , 3lo53'S 116°46'E, berlesate Powder bark! Mallee litter, J. Bannister, 2 November 1991, 1 adult View Materials .

New South Wales: ZMK, 9.6 km S. of Gilgandra, 3l049'S l 48°39'E, dry sc1erophyll , ANIC berlesate 89, L.A. Mound, 6 June 1968, 2 adults .

Other material examined. New South Wales: ANIC, 13 km S. of Collarenebri, 29°34'S l 48°35'E, berlese extraction Geijera leaf litter GoogleMaps , ANIC berlesate 88, L.A. Mound, 5 June 1968, 1 adult ; ANIC, 9.6 km S. of Gilgandra, 3l049'S l 48°39'E, dry sc1erophyll , ANIC berlesate 89, L.A. Mound, 6 June 1968, 13 adults ; AM KS4368 l, same data, 2 adults ; FMNH, same data, 2 adults ; CNC, same data, 2 adults ; AM KS46543 SEM stub no. S/244, same data, 1 adult .

South Australia: AM KS46501 , SEM stub no. S/222, 3.2 km W. Sherlock , ANIC berlesate 182, R.W. Taylor , 12 Jan 1970, 4 adults ; AM KS46545 , SEM stub no. S/216, 25 km E. by N. of Kimba, 33°05'S 136°41'E litter at base of Mallee GoogleMaps , ANIC berlesate 741, A. Calder , 4 Sept. 1981 3 adults .

Diagnosis. Body medium, length about 500-600 flm; scalps rarely (if at all) carried by adult; sensillus with long flattened tuberculate blade; notogaster reticulatealveolate; 5 pairs of notogastral setae, each arising from a large pit set on a conspicuous mound, genitoanal chaetotaxy 7:1:2:3, genital setae in slightly arcuate file, insertion of seta ad3 adjacent to posterior half of anal valve; claw stalk very short.


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