Melaloncha simoni, Brown, 2006

Brown, Brian V., 2006, Revision of the untreated taxa of Melaloncha s. s. bee-killing flies (Diptera: Phoridae), Zootaxa 1280 (1), pp. 1-68 : 62-63

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1280.1.1

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Melaloncha simoni

new species

Melaloncha simoni   new species

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Recognition. This dark species can be recognized by the long, straight ovipositor and the unusually short setulae of the palpus.

Description. Female (male unknown). Body length 2.3–2.5 mm. Frons orange, with few scattered setulae, mostly near lateral one­third of frons; ocellar triangle black. Mean frontal width 0.42 head width, range 0.42–0.43. Medial furrow absent. Ocular and genal setae black. Flagellomere 1 and aristomeres 1–2 yellow; aristomere 3 black. Palpus white; palpal setulae yellow to black, extremely short and thin. Scutum dark brown except light brown anterolaterally. Scutellum dark brown. Pleuron mostly dark brown, except anterior and dorsal parts of anepisternum light brown. Legs light brown, except apex of hind femur with dark brown spot; some specimens with additional dark brown coloring on hind tibia, hind tarsomeres, and dorsally on hind femur. Combined length of foretarsomeres 1.1 length of foretibia. Foretarsal claws recurved, with large basal lobe. Mean costal length 0.48 wing length, range 0.46–0.51. Halter yellow. Abdominal tergites black with silver pollinosity anteriorly. Venter of abdomen dark gray. Ovipositor dark brown at base, mostly black; straight, tubular, slightly laterally flattened around suture of dorsal and ventral lobes; with short, scattered setae, especially posterodorsally.

Host. Unknown.

Geographical distribution. Bolivia.

Derivation of specific epithet. This species is named for Simon Vodosek, a budding entomological enthusiast who died (at age 7 years) far too young.

Holotype. ♀, BOLIVIA: La Paz: 40 km N Caranavi, Cumbre Alto Beni, 15.83°S, 67.56°W, 16.iv.2004, E. Zumbado, honey spray, 1600 m [ LACM ENT 194488 View Materials ] ( CBFC). GoogleMaps  

Paratypes. BOLIVIA: same locality as holotype, 1♀, 14.iv.2003, 1♀, 15.iv.2003, 2♀, 18.iv.2003, 1♀, 19.iv.2003, B. Brown, S. Marcotte, E. Zumbado, 1♀, 1♀, 14.iv.2004, 17.iv.2004, 3♀, 21.iv.2004, E. Zumbado, honey spray, 1600 m ( CBFC, LACM) GoogleMaps   .


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