Moltena Evans, 1937, Evans, 1937

Cock, Matthew J. W., Congdon, T. Colin E. & Collins, Steve C., 2016, Observations on the biology of Afrotropical Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera). Part 9. Hesperiinae incertae sedis: Zingiberales feeders, genera of unknown biology and an overview of the Hesperiinae incertae sedis, Zootaxa 4066 (3), pp. 201-247: 234

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Moltena Evans, 1937


Moltena Evans, 1937  

Evans (1937) introduced this genus for the single species Moltena   , which he considered to resemble Ploetzia   apart from having a normal proboscis, rather than a vestigial one as in Ploetzia   . In his review of the genus Chondrolepis, De Jong (1986)   found that based on an analysis of adult characters Chondrolepis   seems to form a monophyletic group with Ploetzia   and Moltena   , with Zophopetes   as their nearest relative. We have treated the early stages of the grass-feeding Chondrolepis   in Cock & Congdon (2014), and the palm-feeders Ploetzia   and Zophopetes   in Cock et al. (2014), but deferred a comparison of the three genera until we had treated Moltena   .