Haplodrassus eunis Chamberlin 1922, Chamberlin, 1922

Paquin, Pierre & Dupérré, Nadine, 2006, The spiders of Québec: update, additions and corrections, Zootaxa 1133, pp. 1-37: 11

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.273386

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Haplodrassus eunis Chamberlin 1922


Haplodrassus eunis Chamberlin 1922  

Material examined.— Canada: Québec: Parc des Grands Jardins, Lac Mignard [47 ° 41 ’N, 70 ° 51 ’W] 13.– 21.vi. 2000, pitfall, 3 ɗ 3 Ψ, M. Larrivée ( CNC).

Diagnosis. Males are distinguished from other Haplodrassus   by a slender terminal apophysis bifid distally, and females by the V­shaped notch located between the sinuous lateral sclerites ( Paquin & Dupérré 2003: fig. 681).

Distribution.— Widespread species known from Alaska to Québec (present records), south to California, Arizona and New Mexico ( Platnick & Shadab 1975, Platnick & Dondale 1992).

Remark.— The present record confirms the occurrence of H. eunis   in Québec, which was suspected by Paquin & Dupérré (2003, see figs 679–681). This constitutes an important range extension of 950 km to the East for the species.


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes