Crataegus integrifolia, Roxb., Flora Indica, 1832

Turner, Ian M., 2015, The botanical legacy of Thomas Hardwicke’s journey to Srinagar in 1796, European Journal of Taxonomy 108, pp. 1-25: 19

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Crataegus integrifolia


Crataegus integrifolia  

Roxburgh (1832a) referred to Hardwicke’s unnamed Crataegus   in describing this species. Klotz (1963) transferred the species to Cotoneaster   . With reference to typification (‘Das Typenexemplar dieser Sippe konnte ich noch nicht prüfen; es müsste sich im Herbar Roxburghs befinden. Falls dort kein Typus von Crataegus integrifolia   ist, kann Wallich no. 662 B als Lectotypus benutzt werden.’), Klotz failed to realise that a specimen suggested as a possible lectotype (K-W 662B), was, in fact, a Roxburgh specimen and has a ticket bearing Roxburgh’s species name in his own hand. Kumar & Panigrahi (1995) effectively chose a probable duplicate specimen in the Calcutta herbarium as lectotype.