Chusquea laegaardii (L.G. Clark) L.G. Clark.

Guerreiro, Carolina, Olivera, J. José Alegría, Rúgolo De Agrasar, Ma. E., Beck, Stephan G. & Vega, Andrea S., 2014, Two new species and synopsis of Chusquea subg. Platonia (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Chusqueinae) in Bolivia and a new record for Peru, Phytotaxa 183 (4), pp. 224-238 : 226

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Chusquea laegaardii (L.G. Clark) L.G. Clark.


2. Chusquea laegaardii (L.G. Clark) L.G. Clark.

Neurolepis laegaardii L.G. Clark (1996: 342) .

Type:— ECUADOR. Loja: Parque Nacional Podocarpus, Cerro Toledo , 3350 m, 4º22´S, 79º08´W, 2 June 1992, fl., Clark et al. 1112 (holotype QCA-144121 photo SI!, isotypes AAU!, ISC, MO-115331 photo SI!, QCA-7000363 photo SI!, US-479170 photo SI!). Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 GoogleMaps .

Geographic Distribution and Ecology: — Ecuador ( Clark 2000) and Bolivia. Originally mentioned as endemic to the Parque Nacional de Podocarpus in Loja ( Ecuador) being sometimes dominant. It inhabits páramos at 3200–3500 m. In Bolivia, it has been collected in Ceja de Monte at 3500 m. According to specimens kept at LPB, the life cycle of this species is approximately 11 years ( I. Jiménez, pers. comm.)

Iconography: — Clark (1996: 343, Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3 , A–D, habit, synflorescence, spikelet and inner ligule).

Additional Material Examined: — BOLIVIA. La Paz: Nor Yungas , cerca de Cotapata , 3500 m, 16º17´S, 67º53´W, 12 October 1997, fl., Beck 24403 ( K, LPB, SI) GoogleMaps ; Franz Tamayo, Parque Nacional Madidi, Mosquito Wichay , bajando de Tambo Quemado por el camino entre Queara y Mojos, 3370 m, 14º41´00´´S, 68º58´20´´W, 20 April 2007, fl., Fuentes 11339 ( LPB, MO) GoogleMaps ; ditto, senda Keara-Mojos, Tambo Quemado por el sendero que va hacia Qalla , 3412 m, 14°39’38”S, 68°57’54”W, 26 February 2008, fl., Jiménez 4833 ( LPB, MO) GoogleMaps ; Franz Tamayo, senda Pelechuco-Mojos , a media hora de Tambo Quemado, 3506 m, 14º41´04´´S, 68º58´16´´W, 10 May 2003, fl., Maldonado et al. 3351 ( LPB, MO) GoogleMaps ; Franz Tamayo, entre Queara y Mojos, sector Mosquito , 3400 m, 14º39´37´´S, 68º57´54´´W, 26 February 2008, fl., Fuentes & Quisbert 12027 ( LPB, MO) GoogleMaps ; ditto, 3566 m, 14°39’50”S, 68°57’52”W, 24 June 2005, fl., Fuentes 8681 ( LPB, MO) GoogleMaps ; Bautista Saavedra, área natural de manejo integrado Apolobamba, sector Codo , 3316 m, 14°53’06”S, 68°46’42”W, 4 April 2009, fl., Fuentes et al. 13815 ( LPB, MO) GoogleMaps GoogleMaps .

ECUADOR. Loja: ca. 12 km along páramo road to Fierro Urco , 3650 m, 3º43´S, 79º19´W, veg., 9 June 1999, Laegaard & Sklenar 20278 (US) GoogleMaps ; Parque Nacional Podocarpus , along trail to Laguna de Compadre , páramo, 3200– 3350 m, 4º3´S, 79º8´W, 25–26 March 1992, Laegaard 101905 B GoogleMaps ( AAU) GoogleMaps GoogleMaps .

Observation:—The specimen Beck 24403 ( K, LPB, SI) was previously identified (in herb.) as Chusquea fimbriligulata ( Clark 1996: 338) L.G. Clark in Fisher et al. (2009: 681). This specimen differs from C. fimbriligulata in having a smaller habit (15–80 cm high), foliage leaves (sheath and blade) crowded towards the apex of culm, leaf-blades 8–26 × 1.7–2.6 cm, erect, broadly lanceolate, apex acute, base obtuse, adaxially weakly tessellate on the lower half and not tessellate on the upper half; abaxially not tessellate; fimbriae 5–10 mm long and synflorescence (16–) 21–56 cm with paracladia weakly adaxially pulvinate.


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International Salmonella Centre (W.H.O.)


Herbario Nacional de Bolivia, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés


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Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Zentraleinrichtung der Freien Universitaet














Chusquea laegaardii (L.G. Clark) L.G. Clark.

Guerreiro, Carolina, Olivera, J. José Alegría, Rúgolo De Agrasar, Ma. E., Beck, Stephan G. & Vega, Andrea S. 2014

Neurolepis laegaardii L.G. Clark (1996: 342)

Clark, L. G. 1996: )