Proctacanthella cacopiloga (Hine)

Dennis, D. Steve, Barnes, Jeffrey K. & Knutson, Lloyd, 2008, Pupal cases of Nearctic robber flies (Diptera: Asilidae), Zootaxa 1868 (1), pp. 1-98: 70

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1868.1.1


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Proctacanthella cacopiloga (Hine)


Proctacanthella cacopiloga (Hine)  

( Fig. 43)

Dennis & Lavigne (1976a) described the pupal case of Proctacanthella cacopiloga   . A specimen deposited in the United States National Museum is labeled “Reg. Cliff, Guernsey, Wyo.; VII­22, 1972; S. Dennis Collector. ” It should be noted that this species has ventrolateral tubercles on abdominal segment 9, but it lacks the ventral posterolateral processes found in other species. As indicated in the key to genera, the abdominal spiracles are elevated or elongate   .