Acanthocyclops einslei Mirabdullayev and Defaye, 2004

Gutiérrez-Aguirre, M. A. & Cervantes-Martínez, A., 2013, Diversity of freshwater copepods (Maxillopoda: Copepoda: Calanoida, Cyclopoida) from Chiapas, Mexico with a description of Mastigodiaptomus suarezmoralesi sp. nov., Journal of Natural History (J. Nat. Hist.) 47 (5 - 12), pp. 479-498: 492-495

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Acanthocyclops einslei Mirabdullayev and Defaye, 2004


Acanthocyclops einslei Mirabdullayev and Defaye, 2004  

Material examined

Four adult males and one female urosome from km 16 pond, San Cristóbal-Palenque highway, Chiapas, Mexico (16 ◦ 42 ′ 59 ′′ N, 92 ◦ 40 ′ 43 ′′ W) collected 13 January 2001, preserved in 70% ethanol with a drop of glycerine (ECO-CHZ-05524) GoogleMaps   .


This is a new record for Mexico; Acanthocyclops einslei   was recently described from biological material collected in Europe, Japan, USA and Canada ( Mirabdullayev and Defaye 2004) the species belongs to the Acanthocyclops robustus   species-complex. All morphological characters, even the meristic features observed in the specimens from Chiapas, are similar to those of the original description, except the presence of denticules (arranged in arched rows) on ventral and dorsal surfaces of anal somite found in the Chiapas material.