Syneches maculosum Menezes & Ale-Rocha, 2016

Soares, Matheus M. M., Freitas-Silva, Rafael A. P. & Ale-Rocha, Rosaly, 2021, Review of Brazilian species of Syneches Walker (Diptera, Hybotidae, Hybotinae), with description of ten new species, Zootaxa 5049 (1), pp. 1-84 : 45

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Syneches maculosum Menezes & Ale-Rocha


Syneches maculosum Menezes & Ale-Rocha

( Figs 29A–E View FIGURE 29 , 54 View FIGURE 54 )

Syneches maculosum Menezes & Ale-Rocha, 2016: 421–422 View Cited Treatment , figs 59–65, 110, 120. Type locality: Parque Nacional do Jaú, Amazonas, Brazil.

Diagnosis. Small size (2.5 mm) ( Fig. 29A View FIGURE 29 ). Antenna dark brown, covered with gray pruinescence ( Fig. 29C View FIGURE 29 ). Scutum pyramidal-shaped, broader than mesopleuron in lateral view, covered with reddish brown pruinescence, but dc stripe lighter and prescutellar disc and central portion of scutellum with gray pruinescence ( Figs 29A, B View FIGURE 29 ). Wing sub-hyaline, pale brown; pterostigma split into two spots, one posterior to apex of R 1, other at apex of cell r 1; second section of M 1 shorter than crossvein r-m; cell bm slightly longer than cells br and cua ( Fig. 29E View FIGURE 29 ).

Type material examined. HOLOTYPE ♂ ( INPA) labelled: “ BRASIL, Amazonas , Pq [ Parque ] N [ Nacional ] [do] Jaú , Ig [ Igarapé ] Miratucu , Ig [Igarapé] do Gerlei, 01°57′00″S 61°49′00″W, 23–28.vii.1995 ” “Arm[adilha] Suspensa, 15 mts, J.A. Rafael & J. F. Vidal ” “Holótipo, Syneches maculosum, Menezes & Ale-Rocha ” [red label] GoogleMaps . Holotype condition: left postpedicel and antennal stylus lost, left wing mounted between cover slides; not dissected.

Additional material examined. BRAZIL. Amazonas: Barcelos, Rio Aracá , Comun. Bacuquara, 00°09′17.5″N 63°10′35.2″W, Arm. Luminosa baixa, 18–21:00h,, P. Dias, J.A. Rafael & R. Machado (1 ♂, INPA) GoogleMaps . PERU. Cusco: Quincemil, Río Araza , 13°21′18″S 70°53′22″W, 1000 m, 22–26.viii.2012, sweep, J.A. Rafael & R. R. Cavichioli (1 ♀, INPA) GoogleMaps .

Distribution. Brazil (Amazonas) ( Fig. 54 View FIGURE 54 ); Peru (Huánuco, Loreto). Syneches maculosum is known to occur only in the Amazon biome.

Variation. Some specimens from Amazonas have the wing hyaline, lacking pale brown infuscation, and hind tarsomere 4 brown, darker than in holotype, which has this tarsomere yellow.

Remarks. This species is similar to S. vidali by the scutum broader than mesopleuron, pyramidal-shaped and the pterostigma divided into two spots. However, S. maculosum has the scutum with dc stripe with pale pruinescence, without circles of gray pruinescence, pterostigma not exceeding the apex of cell r 1, second section of M 1 shorter than crossvein r-m, and distal margin of hypandrium slightly concave with 1 pair of apical bristles, inserted distantly from each other (ref. Menezes & Ale-Rocha 2016, fig. 60), while in S. vidali the scutum has the dc stripe of gray pruinescence, one circle of gray pruinescence on npl and other just above npl, pterostigma exceeds the apex of cell r 1, the second section of M 1 is longer than crossvein r-m and the distal margin of the hypandrium is slightly concave bearing 1 pair of bristles, but they are inserted close to each other (ref. Ale-Rocha & Vieira 2008, fig. 30).


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Syneches maculosum Menezes & Ale-Rocha

Soares, Matheus M. M., Freitas-Silva, Rafael A. P. & Ale-Rocha, Rosaly 2021

Syneches maculosum Menezes & Ale-Rocha, 2016: 421–422

Menezes, I. S. & Ale-Rocha, R. 2016: 422