Telemiades centrites (Hewitson, 1870)

Siewert, Ricardo Russo, Mielke, Olaf Hermann Hendrik & Casagrande, Mirna Martins, 2020, Taxonomic revision of the Neotropical genus Telemiades Hübner, [1819] (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Eudaminae), with descriptions of fourteen new species, Zootaxa 4721 (1), pp. 1-111: 61

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Telemiades centrites (Hewitson, 1870)


Telemiades centrites (Hewitson, 1870)  

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Eudamus centrites Hewitson, 1870   . Equat. Lep. 4, p. 75; Canelos [Pastaza], Ecuador, Buckley leg.— Kirby, 1879. Cat. Coll. Diurn. Lep. Hewitson, p. 213.

Telegonus centrites   ; Kirby, 1871. Syn. Cat. Diurn. Lep., p. 574.— Watson, 1893. Proc. zool. Soc. London, p. 26.— Mabille, 1903, in Wytsman. Gen. Ins. 17, p. 25.—Dyar, 1913. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus. 45: 640.— Shepard, 1931. Lep. Cat. 47, p. 69.

Thymele centrites   ; Mabille & Boullet, 1912. Ann. Sc. nat., Zool., Paris, (9)16: 103, 108.— Draudt, 1922, in Seitz. Gross– Schmett. Erde 5, p. 867.

Astraptes centrites   ; Williams & Hayward, 1944. Acta zool. Lill. 2: 106.

Telemiades centrites centrites   ; Evans, 1953. Cat. Amer. Hesp. 3, p. 25, pl. 27 (male gen.).— Mielke, 2004. Hesperioidea, p. 56, in Lamas (ed.). Checklist: Part 4A, Hesperioidea–Papilionoidea, in Heppner (ed.). Atlas Neotrop. Lep.   5A; syn.: centrides   .— Mielke, 2005. Cat. Amer. Hesperioidea 3, p. 744; syn.: centrides   .

(no genus) centrites   ; Beattie, 1976. Rhop. Direct., p. 108.

Telemiades centrites   ; Bridges, 1983. Lep. Hesp. 1, p. 23; 2, p. 36.—Bridges, 1988. Cat. Hesp. 1, p. 37; 2, p. 59.

Telemiades centrides   [sic]; Murray, 2000. Jour. Res. Lep. 35: 53.

Type material. Eudamus centrites Hewitson, 1870   was described based on an unspecified number of specimens from Canelos [Pastaza], Ecuador. One male syntype was found at NHMUK with the same characteristics published in the original description, and illustrated on Butterflies of America ( Warren et al. 2018) with the following labels: / 19/ Type H T [verso from the same label:] H 195/ [red label]/ Ecuador. Hewitson Coll. 79–69 Eudamus centrites   . Hew/ BMNH(E) #1236503/. In order to stabilize the identity of this species, this male specimen is hereby designated lectotype of Eudamus centrites Hewitson, 1870   and the following labels will be attached: / Lectotypus / Lectotypus Eudamus centrites Hewitson, 1870 Siewert, Mielke & Casagrande   det. 2019/. These labels will be sent to the curator for the collection.

Diagnosis. FW length: males 27 mm (n=1). Telemiades centrites   is distinguished from all other species of the “ centrites   group” by the ground color light brown and VHW without a compact ochre yellow patch. Since only a single specimen of T. centrites   was available for examination, this material was not dissected and for this reason, no illustrations are provided for the male genitalia of this species.

Distribution. Telemiades centrites   has its known distribution on the east side of the Andes on Ecuador, with records on the provinces of Bolívar and Pastaza. The specific records include the Biological Reserve of Jatun Sacha ( Murray 2000), the Pastaza River, in Abitagua (Warren et al. 2016), and in Balzapamba.

Taxonomic discussion. Eudamus centrites   has been transferred to Telegonus   by Kirby (1871), Thymele   by Mabille & Boullet (1912), Astraptes   by Williams & Hayward (1944) and lastly, to Telemiades   by Evans (1953). Although T. centrites   resembles some species of Astraptes   (e.g. A. anaphus (Cramer, 1777)   and A. phalaecus ( Godman & Salvin, 1893))   , the genitalia can be used to correctly separate it from them.

Examined material. ECUADOR: data from lectotype already mentioned ( NHMUK)   .


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