Eucalandra boxi Marshall

Anderson, Robert S., 2008, A review of the Neotropical genus Eucalandra Faust, 1899 (Coleoptera; Curculionidae: Dryophthorinae), Zootaxa 1791, pp. 57-67: 60-62

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Eucalandra boxi Marshall


Eucalandra boxi Marshall  

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Eucalandra boxi Marshall, 1952: 326   ; Wibmer & O’Brien 1986: 366.

Diagnosis. Length 8.1–10.6 mm. Integument ( Figs. 3–4 View FIGURES 1 – 10 ) reddish brown, variously infuscate, scales present over much of body surface. Antennal scape ( Fig. 12 View FIGURES 11 – 16 ) short and stout, club with basal shiny, glabrous portion comprising almost entire length of club, apical pilose portion limited to extreme apex and only clearly visible in distal (apical) view. Front femur ( Fig. 21 View FIGURES 17 – 21 ) with broad, rounded subapical tooth on inner margin, occluding area on front tibia with short, flat laminate extension from inner margin, tooth less developed on middle and hind femora. Front tibia with inner margin very finely serrate towards apex. Hind tibia straight along outer margin. Tarsi with ventral pilose pads covering apical 0.5–0.8 of tarsite 3. Elytra ( Figs. 3–4 View FIGURES 1 – 10 ) with broad scales limited to intervals 3 and 5 towards base and in a condensed patch on intervals 5–7 just anterior to declivity.

Material examined. Holotype: Venezuela. Cojedia, W. of San Carlos, 175m, 2.iii. 1951, H.E. Box, reared from large wild bamboo, Guadua   sp.. Paratypes (4): with same label data (2, BMNH); United States border interception at Laredo, Texas, from Mexico, 13.vii. 1936, in green bamboo pole (1, USNM); United States border interception from Mexico, 7.v. 1967, R. Gonzalez, on Bambusa   (1, USNM).

Distribution. Venezuela; intercepted at United States border from Mexico ( Fig. 23 View FIGURE 23 ).

Biology. The type series was reared from a large, wild bamboo, possibly of the genus Guadua ( Marshall 1952)   . Two other specimens have been collected at United States customs entry ports on Bambusa   and in a green bamboo pole; both are labeled as from Mexico but it is uncertain whether they originated there.


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Eucalandra boxi Marshall

Anderson, Robert S. 2008

Eucalandra boxi

Wibmer 1986: 366
Marshall 1952: 326