Pontoscolex Schmarda, 1861

Sousa, Sandriel Costa, Hernández-García, Luis Manuel & Rousseau, Guillaume Xavier, 2020, A new species of Pontoscolex earthworm (Rhinodrilidae, Clitellata) from the Gurupi Biological Reserve, along with records of earthworm species from the Amazon region of Maranhão, Brazil, Zootaxa 4801 (1), pp. 105-114: 106

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Pontoscolex Schmarda, 1861


Genus Pontoscolex Schmarda, 1861  

Type species. Lumbricus corethrurus Müller, 1857  

Diagnosis. Setae, 8 per segment, arranged in regular rows at least in the anterior region; in the posterior one the arrangement may be regular, more or less irregular, or in quincunx. Pigment generally absent. Male pores and tubercula pubertatis in the clitellar region. Gizzard in VI. Three pairs of calciferous glands of tubular-dichotomous (panicled) structure in VII–IX. Dorsal, ventral, supra- and subesophageal and subneural vessels present. Lateral blood vessel in VII–IX and latero-esophageal hearts in X and XI. Holonephridia with terminal sphincter. Metandric and metagynous; seminal vesicles usually long and band-like, pierce a number of septa. Spermathecae simple ( Righi 1984).