Oxysarcodexia augusta Lopes, 1946

Souza, Carina Mara De, Pape, Thomas & Thyssen, Patricia Jacqueline, 2020, Oxysarcodexia Townsend, 1917 (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) - a centennial conspectus, Zootaxa 4841 (1), pp. 1-126: 26-27

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Oxysarcodexia augusta Lopes, 1946


Oxysarcodexia augusta Lopes, 1946  

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Oxysarcodexia augusta Lopes, 1946b: 84   ; Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara , Méier. Holotype male and three male paratypes in MNRJ.

Diagnosis. Male. Length 7.0–9.0 mm. Postocular plate with golden pollinosity. Ocellar bristles weakly developed. Thorax with golden pollinosity, more intense at humeral region. Three well-differentiated post-sutural dorsocentral bristles; one smaller bristle can be present among these. Apical scutellar bristles present. Legs blackish. Abdomen grayish with silvery pollinosity, T5 with silvery pollinosity only. T3 with 2 pairs of lateral marginal bristles, T4 with 1 pair of median marginal and 2 pairs of lateral marginal bristles. ST5 with deep median cleft with margins almost parallel and with pilosity and bristles at apex of arms. Cercus straight in lateral view, with expanded obliquely cut apex and with a dorsal subapical hump. Cercus with bristles ventrally over full length. Cerci with distal third narrower than middle part in posterior view; diverging. Pregonite with expanded base, gradually narrowing to apex; unicolorous. Postgonite with expanded base and sudden narrowing at apex; unicolorous. Distiphallus with ventroapical concavity with serrated margin, a lateroapical furrow, lateroapical expansions, rounded apex and sinuous dorsal outline. Vesica symmetrical, with rounded median projection of main branch; distal lobes well developed, with filaments, tapering, sclerotized, with membranous spines only on ventral surface.

Remarks. Three post-sutural dorsocentral bristles are found in O. augusta   , O. bikini   , O. catica Souza & Buenaventura, 2016   , O. corolla Dodge, 1965   , O. favorabilis   , O. flavipes Lopes & Tibana, 1987   , O. fraterna   , O. grandis Lopes, 1946   , O. jamesi Dodge, 1968   , O. laclaricola Souza & Buenaventura, 2016   , O. liliarum   , O. maiae   sp. n., O. marina ( Hall, 1938)   , O. mineirensis Souza & Paseto, 2015   , O. nitida   , O. notata   , O. peruviana   , O. plebeja Lopes, 1946c   , O. terminalis ( Hall, 1937)   , O. varia   , O. vittata   and O. xon   . The female of O. augusta   has an undivided T7 ( Tibana & Mello 1985).

Distribution. NEOTROPICAL. Argentina (Misiones), Brazil (Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima, Santa Catarina   , São Paulo).

Biology. Lopes (1973b) reared this species under laboratory conditions without providing information on its development. It has been collected from human feces, chicken viscera, dead fish, dead mice, dead marine animals, rotten banana mixed with brown sugar, and rotten S. comosa   ( Lopes 1969; Lopes 1973b; Mendes & Linhares 1993). Malaise and Shannon traps have been used to collect this species ( Lopes & Tibana 1991). At Rio de Janeiro Zoological Garden, it was collected using a wind-oriented trap (W.O.T.) baited with rotten liver ( Oliveira et al. 2002).

Type material examined. Holotype ♂: [ Brazil] Meyer, 2-932H. S. L.—col. Sarcophaga   N. / Holotipo / Oxysarcodexia augusta   n. sp. hol. XI.44 Det. H. S. Lopes / Holotype [ MNRJ] // paratype ♂: [ Brazil] Col. Inst. O. Cruz N.9.360 / Paratype / Meyer, 2-532 H. S. L. col. Sarcophaga   N. / Oxysarcodexia augusta   sp. n. Lopes. det. 1944 [ MNRJ] // paratype ♂: Nova Friburgo E. do Rio-Brasil S. Lopes-24-4-37 / Paratype / Oxysarcodexia augusta   sp. n. Lopes. det 1944 [ MNRJ] // paratype ♂: [ Brazil] Est. Exp. Loreto 1936.VI.5 Dr. A   . Ogloblin / Paratype / Oxysarcodexia augusta   sp. n. Lopes. det 1944 [ MNRJ]   .

Other material examined. [ ♂] BRAZIL: Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Est. Ecológica, UFMG Campus ; 2–22.VIII.1993; S. D. Gaimari / NRM-DIPT 0014231 [ NRM]   .


Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro


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Oxysarcodexia augusta Lopes, 1946

Souza, Carina Mara De, Pape, Thomas & Thyssen, Patricia Jacqueline 2020

Oxysarcodexia augusta

Lopes, H. S. 1946: 84