Stictothrips Hood

Minaei, Kambiz, 2013, The Phlaeothrips - lineage of fungus feeding thrips (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) in Iran with a new species of Hindsiothrips, Zootaxa 3599 (3), pp. 279-290 : 284

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Stictothrips Hood


Stictothrips Hood

Four species are placed in this genus (Mound 2012), two ( faurei and leopardinus) from Africa ( Hood 1925; Priesner 1965), one ( fimbriata ) from India (Ananthakrishnan 1964) and one (maculatus) from north eastern USA ( Hoddle et al. 2012). In Iran, Cheraghian (1996) recorded S. faurei in low density from Ficus bengalensis in Khuzestan Province, south of Iran. The species in the genus have the body surface with complex granulate sculpture ( Fig. 14 View FIGURES 13 – 15 ); antennal segments bicolored, III and IV with one and two sensoria respectively ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 1 – 7 ) and forewing swollen near base, parallel sided distally.

Material studied. S. fimbriata , India, 1 female, Chennai, dead leaves, x. 2005 (in ANIC).


Australian National Insect Collection