Myrcia venulosa De Candolle (1828: 250)

Rosa, Priscila O., Vasconcelos, Thaís N. C., Lucas, Eve J. & Proença, Carolyn E. B., 2021, Revisiting Glaziou and the botany of the second Cruls Mission: three new species and 23 accepted species of Myrcia (Myrtaceae) collected from Goiás, Brazil and a detailed description of his “ Goyaz ” itinerary, Phytotaxa 509 (1), pp. 69-92: 83

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.509.1.3


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Myrcia venulosa De Candolle (1828: 250)


20. Myrcia venulosa De Candolle (1828: 250)   .

Specimens examined:— BRAZIL. Goiás: Glaziou 21142 (BR!, G!,, K000344357!)   .

The Glaziou specimen was identified either as Myrcia castrensis   (O. Berg 1857 –1859: 111) D. Legrand (1961: 297) (at herbarium BR) or Myrcia rabeniana Kiaerskou (1893: 86)   (at herbaria G and K), both names recognized as synonyms of M. venulosa ( Govaerts et al. 2020)   .