Paragryllus (Paragryllus) eclogos Otte, 2006

Cadena-Castañeda, Oscar J., Páez, Geraldine, Buitrago, Oscar, Quintana-Arias, Ronald Fernando & Tavares, Gustavo Costa, 2021, Studies of Neotropical crickets: New Paragryllina taxa (Orthoptera: Phalangopsidae) with comments on several previously described species, Zootaxa 5081 (1), pp. 60-76 : 65

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Paragryllus (Paragryllus) eclogos Otte, 2006


Paragryllus (Paragryllus) eclogos Otte, 2006

Comments. Unfortunately, this species is very poorly described, and the sparse data are confusing, perhaps erroneous and not informative: e.g., “ File teeth with long wings” (how can a stridulatory file or teeth file have long wings? There is evidence of a lapse in character, perhaps the author was referring to the fact that the insect has long wings.). “With no obvious metanotal glands. With small inner and no outer tympanum” (this character must be reviewed in the type specimen; once the other described and valid species have tympana on both sides of the fore tibia). “Antennae with bristles ”. It is necessary to redescribe this species, detailing and reviewing the morphological characteristics. Another problem is the holotype specimen which was designated a female, but it is actually a male. The female is not known.