Paragryllus (Souzaius), Cadena-Castañeda & Páez & Buitrago & Quintana-Arias & Tavares, 2021, Cadena-Castañeda & Páez & Buitrago & Quintana-Arias & Tavares, 2021

Cadena-Castañeda, Oscar J., Páez, Geraldine, Buitrago, Oscar, Quintana-Arias, Ronald Fernando & Tavares, Gustavo Costa, 2021, Studies of Neotropical crickets: New Paragryllina taxa (Orthoptera: Phalangopsidae) with comments on several previously described species, Zootaxa 5081 (1), pp. 60-76 : 69-70

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Paragryllus (Souzaius)


Souzaius Cadena-Castañeda n. subgen. Orthoptera

Diagnosis. Small size (15.5 mm). Harp of the tegmina with 4‒5 veins and mirror divided by seven veins, apical area reduced ( Fig. 3E View FIGURE 3 ). Pseudepiphallic lobes without bristles and poorly pronounced. Ectophallic fold protruding markedly in the middle of the pseudepiphallus ( Figs 3F–G View FIGURE 3 ). Pseudepiphallic arm mid-sized, branching about at half of its length in lateral view, and with the ventral branch obliquely truncated ventrally, rectangular and with similar width from the base to the apex in ventral view ( Fig. 3H View FIGURE 3 ). Endophallic sclerite well developed; ectophallic fold considerably prolonged in the middle of the pseudepiphallus ( Figs. 3F–G View FIGURE 3 ).

Taxa included. Paragryllus (Souzaius) minutus Gorochov, 2009

Etymology. This taxon is dedicated to Pedro Guilherme B Souza-Dias, friend and great Brazilian orthopterist, in recognition of his contributions to the crickets of his country. The gender of the name is being established as neuter.