Xenomerus guinensis Mikó & Masner, 2010

Mikó, I., Masner, L. & Deans, A. R., 2010, World revision of Xenomerus Walker (Hymenoptera: Platygastroidea, Platygastridae) 2708, Zootaxa 2708, pp. 1-73 : 27-28

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Xenomerus guinensis Mikó & Masner

new species

Xenomerus guinensis Mikó & Masner new species

Figures 45, 49

FEMALE (Holotype): Length= 1.07 mm.

Yellowish-brown (ochre); A2–A12, head, excluding interantennal process, mesoscutellum and metasoma brown, pronotum, excluding yellowish netrion reddish.

FCI =1.26; LCI =1.93; HW/IOS =1.77; head less than 1.5 times as wide as mesosoma (HW/TSL = 1.33); facial striae not exceeding midlevel of eye, obscured frontal patch; frontal patch indistinct; frons setae sparse, thin; central keel incomplete; toruli triangle shorter than clypeus height; POL longer than OOL (POL/ OOL =1.23); OOL about 1.5 times as long as LOL (OOL/LOL =1.54); hyperoccipital carina absent; vertex without sculpture except vertex patch, with diameter less than lateral ocellus width; vertex with few scattered setae behind POL; genal patch absent; A1 less than 5 times as long as radicle (A1/r =4.16), as long as clava (A1/cl =1.04).

Epomial carina absent; cervical pronotal area smooth, with scattered setae and reticulate sculpture along lateral and dorsal margin; lateral pronotal area reticulate dorsally, netrion sulcus incomplete; pronotal suprahumeral sulcus diminishing medially, foveolate; pronotal cervical sulcus not foveolate; anterior tip of pronotum reduced; mesoscutum about 2 times as wide as long (TSL/ML =1.82), with dense setae, sculpture reaching posterior margin; notaulus absent; mesoscutellum 2 times as wide as long (SW/SL =2.02); scutoscutellar sulcus slightly diminishing medially, about 1.5 times as wide laterally as in the middle; mesoscutellum smooth, with dense setae laterally, smooth medially; posterior scutellar sulcus extending onto axillula; sternaulus not separated from anterior row of foveae of mesopleural carina; distance between postacetabular sulcus and anterior row of foveae of mesopleural carina two times as long as fovea width of postacetabular sulcus; mesopleural carina complete, with complete rows of foveae, maximal distance between posterior row of foveae of mesopleural carina and mesepimeral sulcus 1.5 times as long as width of posterior row of foveae; sulcus along metapleural carina foveolate; metascutellum bluntly triangular, entirely striated; propodeal lateral carinae S-shaped; propodeal lateral area and plical area obscured by sparse setae, marginal striation extending medially; posterior propodeal projection indistinct; hind wing more than 2 times as wide as marginal ciliae length (HWW/HWS =2.28); m/st =3.50; T1 less than 1.5 times as wide as T1+T2 length (T1W/T1+T2L =1.44); T3 about as wide as mesoscutum (T3W/TSL =0.96); basal depressions narrow; costae exceeding 1/2 length of tergum; lateral patch absent; diameter of posterior patch of T3 nearly equal to width of two basal depressions, distinct; T3 with sparse setae laterally; apical setae of T3 elongate, more than two times as long as lateral setae of tergum; lateral patch on T4 present, median patch absent.

MALE (n=2): length=1.04, 1.06 mm; A1–2 yellow to light brown, A3–A12 light brown to dark brown; head wider; FCI =1.28, 1.28; LCI =1.75, 1.70; HW/IOS =1.5, 1.5; HW/TSL =1.25, 1.23; POL/OOL =1.00; OOL/LOL =2.20; A1/r =3.80, 3.90; A5 modified; A7–A11 dibottled, with weak constriction in-between; flagellomeres with numerous ventral microcilia; TSL/ML =1.80, 1.82; SW/SL =2.08, 2.16; TSL/WW =1.05, 1.04; notaulus present; m/st =4.80, 5.00; HWW/HWS =2.14, 2.14; T1W/T1+T2L =1.26, 1.26; T3W/ TSL =0.91, 0.93; metasoma longer.

Diagnosis. Xenomerus guinensis shares the incomplete central keel with X. ochraceus , differs from it in sparse setae on frons, thin basal depressions and long costae on T3 exceeding middle of tergum.

Etymology. The name of the species refers to the type locality.

Material examined. Holotype female: PAPUA NEW GUINEA: East New Britain, Baining Mountains, Raunsepna , 30.VI–28.VII.1999, C.Mitparingi, MT [ CNCI:23915] . Paratypes: Madang Province, Nagad , - 5.116, 145.8166, 6.VI.2006, J.Hrcek, YPT, 1♂ GoogleMaps ; Madang, Morox , -4.2666,144.9666, 100m, 1–18.VIII.2006, V.Iwam, YPT . Holotype and paratypes are deposited in CNCI.


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