Xenomerus orientalis Mikó & Masner, 2010

Mikó, I., Masner, L. & Deans, A. R., 2010, World revision of Xenomerus Walker (Hymenoptera: Platygastroidea, Platygastridae) 2708, Zootaxa 2708, pp. 1-73 : 39-41

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Xenomerus orientalis Mikó & Masner

new species

Xenomerus orientalis Mikó & Masner , new species

Figures 67, 69, 100

FEMALE (Holotype): Length= 1.30 mm.

Black, A8–A12, lateral pronotal area, mesopleuron, metapectus and metasoma dark brown; mandible, interantennal process, radicle, A1–A7 and legs, including coxae yellow, A5 and A6 lighter.

FCI =1.17; LCI =1.73; HW/IOS =1.68; head less than 1.5 times as wide as mesosoma (HW/TSL = 1.39); facial striae exceeding midlevel of eye, curving inward dorsally, obscuring frontal patch; frontal patch indistinct; frons setae dense, thin; central keel complete; toruli triangle shorter than clypeus height; POL about than 1.5 times as long as OOL (POL/OOL =1.42); OOL about 1.5 times as long as LOL (OOL/LOL =1.46); hyperoccipital carina present, sharp, extending to inner orbit; vertex without sculpture; genal patch present; A1 about 3 times as long as radicle (A1/r =3.15), as long as clava (A1/cl =1).

Epomial carina present, almost reaching pronotal suprahumeral sulcus; cervical pronotal area smooth, with scattered setae; lateral pronotal area with transverse crenulae, reticulate dorsally; netrion sulcus complete; netrion sculpture not extending onto lateral pronotal area; pronotal suprahumeral sulcus diminishing medially, pronotal cervical sulcus complete, both sulci foveolate; mesoscutum more than 1.5 times as wide as long (TSL/ML =1.64); notaulus reaching transscutal line; mesoscutum coriaceous, with dense thin setae, setal bases pustulate, sculpture extending to lateral and internotaular area, not reaching posterior margin of mesoscutum; mesoscutellum two times as wide as long (SW/SL =2.0); scutoscutellar sulcus slightly diminishing, two times as wide laterally as in the middle; mesoscutellum anteriorly rugulose, with sparse, marginal setae; posterior scutellar sulcus extending onto axillula; sternaulus not separated from anterior row of foveae of mesopleural carina, distance between postacetabular sulcus and anterior row of foveae of mesopleural carina as wide as foveae width of postacetabular sulcus; mesopleural carina complete, with complete rows of foveae, posterior row of foveae of mesopleural carina almost merging with foveae of mesepimeral sulcus; sulcus along metapleural carina foveolate; metascutellum sharply pointed; propodeal lateral carinae inverted Y-shaped, shafts slightly curved outward; propodeal lateral area and plical area obscured by pale, dense setae, marginal striation extending medially; plica absent; posterior propodeal projection distinct, tuberclelike; mesoscutum as wide as fore wing (TSL/WW =0.94); marginal vein 3 times as long as stigmal vein (m/st =3.08); hind wing less than 2.5 times as wide as marginal cilia length (HWW/ HWS =2.40).

T1 less than 2 times as wide as T1+T2 length (T1W/T1+T2L =1.70); T3 about as wide as mesoscutum (T3W/TSL =1.08), costae on T3 extending almost to apex of tergum submedially, reaching 8/9 part of tergum, laterally and medially costae not emerging from basal depressions; lateral patch distinct; diameter of posterior patch of T3 equal to width of one basal depression; anterior half of T4 reticulate.

Variability (n=15): Length=1.00– 1.30 mm (m=1.11, SD =0.07); sometimes coxae and antenna darker, mesopleuron and metapectus reddish; FCI =1.10–1.17 (m=1.13, SD =0.02); LCI =1.72–1.92 (m=1.81, SD =0.06); HW/IOS =1.61–1.71 (m=1.62, SD =0.01); HW/TSL =1.37–1.43 (m=1.40, SD =0.02); facial striae sometimes elongated, extending dorsally to vertex; POL/OOL =1.38–1.77 (m=1.46, SD =0.10); OOL/ LOL =1.05–1.63 (m=1.47, SD =0.13); vertex sometimes with two finely coriaceous patches behind OOL area, never extending anteriorly to frons; A1/r =3.15–3.60 (m=3.43, SD =0.2); A1/cl =0.94–1.04 (m=0.98, SD =0.03); TSL/ML =1.62–1.76 (m=1.70, SD =0.04); SW/SL =2.00–2.10 (m=2.04, SD =0.04); sometimes distance between postacetabular carina and anterior row of foveae of mesopleural carina larger, two or three times as wide as foveae width of postacetabular sulcus; posterior row of foveae of mesopleural carina and mesepimeral sulcus sometimes distinctly separated; in smaller specimens metanotal spine reduced, marked by a tubercle in the middle of metascutellum; sometimes posterior propodeal projection distinct, well developed; TSL/WW =0.84–1.09 (m=0.97, SD =0.06); m/st =3.00–3.30 (m=3.21, SD =0.07); HWW/HWS =2.30–2.50 (m=2.35, SD =0.07); T1W/T1+T2L =1.70–1.88 (m=1.77, SD =0.07); T3W/TSL =0.97–1.11 (m=1.03, SD =0.04); sometimes costae shortened,not reaching 4/5 of tergum.

MALE (n=1): HW/IOS =1.49; A1/r =3; A5 modified; A7–A11 dibottled; SW/SL =1.95; TSL/WW =0.75; m/st =4; HWW/HWS =1.76.

Diagnosis. Most closely related to X. parorinetalis , differing by the more extended and dorsally curved facial striae, POL/OOL, brown A2–A4 and the sculpture of T3, extended hyperoccipital carina, vertex sculpture not extending anteriorly to frons and anteriorly rugulose mesoscutellum.

Etymology. The name refers to the wide distribution of the species in the Oriental region.

Material examined. Holotype female: TAIWAN: Kenting , 01–05.V.1991, C.K.Starr [ CNCI:23918] . Paratypes: BRUNEI: Tembureng , 16–22.II.1982, M.C.Day, MT, 1♂ ; INDIA: Kayangulam , 12.I.1984, CPCRI(RS), reared from eggs of Parena nigrolineata ( Coleoptera ), Bio. 30.C.I.E.A. 15801, 2♂ [ BMNH], 1♂, 1♀ ; Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore, Marudhamalai , 27.IX.1979, J.S.Noyes, 1♀ [ BMNH] . INDONESIA: Sumatra Region, Aceh Province, Gunung Leuser Natural Park, Ketambe Research Station , 3.6833, 97.65, 400m, III.1990, D.C.Darling, MT, 1♀ ; Sumatra Region, North Sumatra (Sumatra Utara), Perampar , Tanah Karo, 7.VIII–18.IX.88, B.Stride, 1♀ . JAPAN: Aichi Prefecture, Douzuki, Obara , 01–07.VII.1990, K.Yamagishi, PT, 1♀ ; Aichi Prefecture, Douzuki, Obara , 23–29.VII.1990, K.Yamagishi, PT, 1♂ ; Fukuoka Prefecture, Mount Hiko , VIII–IX.89, Sharkey, 1♂ . MALAYSIA: Sabah, Danum Valley , 18.XII.1986 – 18.I.1987, M.Still, MT, 2♀ ; Pahang, Cameron Highlands Ringlet , Pahang, 20.VII.1984, T.S.Bellows, 1♂ . PHILIPPINES: Negros Oriental Province, Cuernos de Negros, 7km W. of Valencia , 700m, 29.VI–08.VII.1987, D.C.Darling, E.Mayordo, rainforest edge, MT/YPT (ROM873061), 1♂ [ ROME] ; Negros Oriental Province, Cuernos de Negros, 7km W. of Valencia , 9.2833, 123.25, 700m, 25–29.VII.1987, D.C.Darling, E.Mayordo, primary forest edge, 1♂ ; Negros Oriental Province, Cuernos de Negros, 7km W. of Valencia , 9.2833, 123.25, 700m, 08– 15.VII.1987, D.C.Darling, E.Mayordo, MT/YPT, 1♂ . THAILAND: Chaiyaphun, Pa Hin Ngam National Park , 14–15.XI.2006, K.Sa-nog, B.Adnafai, dry evergreen forest at waterfall (T1026), MT, 1♀ [ QSBG] ; Chaiyaphun, Pa Hin Ngam National Park, Savana , Thepana waterfall, 15.64913, 101.42708, 604m, 7– 13.X.2006, K.Sa-Nong, B.Adnafai, MT (T660), 1♀ GoogleMaps ; Chantaburi Province, Soi Dao Forest Insect Centre, 13.0, 102.2852, 197m, 16.I.2005, M.Sharkey, 1♀ ; Chiang Mai, Amphur mae, 250m, 15.7, 98.816, 1–31.I.1998, MT, Roy Snelling, 1♀ ; Kankhaen, Phu Pha Man National Park , 48Q018044, 350m, UTM 7854128, 24– 31.I– 7.II.2005, 1♀ ; Loei Phu Province, Kradueng NP, 16.94315, 101.7012, 273m, 28.X–04.XI.2006, S. Glonglasae, MT (T789), 1♀ GoogleMaps ; Nakhon Province, Nayok, Khao Nai NP, near Hnong Pakchee , 14.4527, 101.3641, 758m, 12–19.V.2007, W.Sukho, MT (T2266), 1♀ GoogleMaps ; Nakhon Province, Si Thammarat Province, Namtok Yong National Park , TV aerial, 8.2377, 48.8048, 952m, 8–15.XII.2008, Paiboon, MT, (T4268), 1♀ [ QSBG] GoogleMaps ; Phetchabun Province, Khao Kho National Park , 537m, 16.5426, 101.0413, 5–12.XII.2006, S.Chachumnan, S.Singtong, mixed deciduous forest, MT, (T1178), 1♀ GoogleMaps ; Phitsanulok Province, Thung Salaeng Luang, National Park , 16.84498, 100.85443, 501m, 18–25.III.2007, Pongpitak, Pranee, Sathit, MT (T2390), 1♀ [ QSBG] GoogleMaps ; Prachuab Khiri Khan Province, Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Khao Look Glang , 12.1069, 99.9548, 16– 23.XI.2008, Yai, Amnad, MT (T4126), 1♂ GoogleMaps ; Trang Province, Nayong , 7.5506, 99.8228, 7m, D.Lohman, 1♀ GoogleMaps ; Trang Province, near Nam Tok Ton, Khao Chong , 7.533, 99.789, 04–11.II.2005, D.Lohman, 1♀ GoogleMaps . TAIWAN: Nantou County, Wushe , 22.V. 1983. 1150m, H.Townes, flight trap, 1♀ ; Nantou County, Wushe , 1100m, 27.V.1990, J.Heraty, orchard scrub (H075), 1♀ ; Pingtung County, Kenting National Park, Forest Recreation Area , 27.XI–1.XII.1990, C.K.Starr, PT, 1♂ ; Pingtung County, Kenting National Park , 17–23.V.1991, C.K.Starr, PT, 1♀ ; Pingtung County, Kenting , 1–5.V.1991, YPT, C.K.Starr, 1♀ ; Taitung County, Orchid Island ( Botel Tobago ), 5–9.VII.1991, C.K.Starr, PT, 1♀ ; Taoyuan County, E. of Bailing. 800m, 25.V.1990, J.Heraty, cloud forest, (H070), 1♀ . VIETNAM: Cao Bang Province (Bac Kan Province), Ba Be National Park , 16– 23.V.1995. B.Hubley, J.Swann, on steep slope across from dorm annex, MT, LT (fine mesh, 2 growth, light trap) (ROM956056), 1♀ [ ROME] ; Ha Tinh Province, Huong Son , 300m, 18.3666, 105.2166, 20.IV– 01.V.1998, L.Herman, MT, 1♂ GoogleMaps ; Nghé An Province, ca. 25km SW of Con Culong, Khe Moi River Forestry Camp , 100m upriver of camp, 18.9333, 104.8166, 308m, 06.VI.1995, B.Hubley, small stream, tropical forest edge (ROM 956170), 1♀ [ ROM] GoogleMaps ; Tuyen Quang Province, 300m, NaHang Reserve , 20–24.V.1997, S.B.Peck, FIT, (97–12), 1♀ .

Holotype is deposited in CNCI. Paratypes are deposited in BMNH (3), CNCI (32), QSBG (3) and ROME (3).

Comments. Xenomerus orientalis was reared from Dromiinae ( Carabidae : Coleoptera ) eggs.


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