Drosophila adiastola,

Magnacca, Karl N., Foote, David & O’Grady, Patrick M., 2008, A review of the endemic Hawaiian Drosophilidae and their host plants, Zootaxa 1728, pp. 1-58: 26

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.274194

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Drosophila adiastola


adiastola  clade

The adiastola  clade contains 16 species, 11 of which have rearing records. The primary host plants are species of Campanulaceae  , specifically the bark of Clermontia  . One species, D. ochrobasis  , seems to be oligophagous, although additional rearing efforts might show these records to be incidental. It is clear that at least one host plant shift has taken place in this group: three species, D. peniculipedis  , D. touchardiae  , and D. toxochaeta  , have only been reared from Touchardia latifolia  ( Urticaceae  ). Use of plant parts other than bark (leaves, fruit, and even flowers) seems to be more common in this group than other picture wing species, which are rarely found on alternate substrates other than sap flux. This may be related to the less specialized ovipositor of adiastola  clade species compared to the long, narrow ovipositor of the grimshawi  and planitibia  subgroups.