Plagiotrochus australis (Mayr, 1882)

Pujade-Villar, Juli, Villemant, Claire & Andreï-Ruiz, Marie-Cécile, 2000, Cynipidae associated with Quercus collected in Corsica with the description of a new Plagiotrochus species (Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea), Zoosystema 22 (4), pp. 835-846: 839

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Plagiotrochus australis (Mayr, 1882)


Plagiotrochus australis (Mayr, 1882)  

MATERIAL EXAMINED. — Sartène. Q. ilex   galls (No. 12), (25.V.1995) 7.VI.1995, 1 ♁ ( MNHN).


This species probably has a circummediterranean distribution. It has been collected in Andorra, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and North Africa (Dalla Torre & Kieffer 1910; Pujade-Villar 1996). The sexual generation develop on the leaves of Q. ilex   and Q. coccifera   , and the agamic one on the branchs of Q. ilex   . The life cycle of the species was described by Barbotin (1975).


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