Centrorhynchus sp.

Xue, Xiao-Feng, Song, Zi-Wei & Hong, Xiao-Yue, 2010, Five new species of Anthocoptini from China (Acari: Eriophyidae), Zootaxa 2544, pp. 1-53 : 23

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https://doi.org/ 10.15468/um2vzb

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Centrorhynchus sp.


Centrorhynchus sp. *

Site of infection: body cavity.

Recruitment: ingestion.

Distribution: USA: North Carolina ( Brandt 1936); Texas ( Hollis 1972; Mayberry et al. 2000); Virginia ( Campbell 1968).

No specimens in collections.

Remarks: Species of genus Centrorhynchus include diurnal or nocturnal rapacious birds (Falconiforms or Strigiforms) as definitive hosts, and terrestrial isopods or insects, as intermediate hosts. Their various paratenic hosts (amphibians, reptiles, and mammals), play a fundamental role in their transmission to birds ( Torres & Puga 1996).