Foleyella sp.

Xue, Xiao-Feng, Song, Zi-Wei & Hong, Xiao-Yue, 2010, Five new species of Anthocoptini from China (Acari: Eriophyidae), Zootaxa 2544, pp. 1-53 : 31

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Foleyella sp.


Foleyella sp.

Site of infection: body cavity around the liver and spleen, intestinal mesentery, mesentery about the kidneys. Recruitment: vector. Distribution: USA: New Jersey ( Crans 1969; USNPC); Oklahoma (USNPC). Specimens in collections: USNPC: 44293, 71484, 71485, 71486, 71487. Remarks: Bartlett (1986) emended the diagnosis of Foleyella including only 3 species and 1 subspecies: F. candezei (Fraipont) Seurat; F. furcata (Linstow) Witenberg & Gerichter; F. brevicauda brevicauda Chabaud & Brygoo ; F. b. magnilarvata Bain, and F. philistinae Schacher & Khalil. USNPC 71484–71487 were recorded as Foleyella seasonalis, which is considered nomen nudum.