Haematoloechus coloradensis ( Cort, 1915 )

Xue, Xiao-Feng, Song, Zi-Wei & Hong, Xiao-Yue, 2010, Five new species of Anthocoptini from China (Acari: Eriophyidae), Zootaxa 2544, pp. 1-53 : 11

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https://doi.org/ 10.15468/um2vzb



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Haematoloechus coloradensis ( Cort, 1915 )


Haematoloechus coloradensis ( Cort, 1915)

Site of infection: lungs.

Recruitment: ingestion.

Prevalence, mean intensity, and range: 3.7%, 0.11, 3.

Specimens deposited: CNHE: 6944.

Distribution: USA: Nebraska ( Bolek & Janovy 2007).

Specimens in collections: HWML: 48480.

Remarks: Haematoloechus coloradensis is found from the western United States to Central Mexico and the Pacific coast as the result of expansion and contraction of distribution ranges of Nearctic fauna following geologic events from the early Eocene to the Pleistocene ( León-Règagnon & Brooks 2003).