Diapheromerinae, Kirby, 1904

Conle, Oskar V., Hennemann, Frank H., Bellanger, Yannick, Lelong, Philippe, Jourdan, Toni & Valero, Pablo, 2020, Studies on neotropical Phasmatodea XX: A new genus and 16 new species from French Guiana, Zootaxa 4814 (1), pp. 1-136 : 6-7

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4814.1.1

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4.1. Diapheromerinae View in CoL : Diapheromerini

4.1.1. Phanocles Stål, 1875

Type-species: Bacteria burkartii Saussure, 1868: 65 , by subsequent designation of Kirby, 1904: 353.

Stål (1875b: 28) originally established Phanocles for the two Mexican species Bacteria burkartii Saussure, 1868 and Bacteria aetolus Westwood, 1859 , of which Kirby (1904: 353) designated the first as the type-species. Redtenbacher (1908: 412) was the first who misinterpreted Phanocles and erroneously synonymised it with Bacteria Berthold, 1827 (Type-species: Mantis ferula Fabricius, 1793 ). Zompro (2001: 197) re-established Phanocles and was the first who recognized some of the characteristic features that distinguish Phanocles from closely related genera. However, the new diagnosis provided by Zompro (2001: 196) is inaccurate in several aspects, which apparently resulted from a lack of material. Zompro (2001) only listed two species in Phanocles but in fact numerous further species currently attributed to various other genera belong in Phanocles , which multiplies the number of species that need to be incorporated in Phanocles . Some have already been transferred or were newly described by Conle, Hennemann & Gutiérrez (2011). A full treatment of the genus is in progress by the two first authors and will include many taxonomic changes, which also have effect on the definition of the true distributional range.

One species from French Guiana, Bacteria maroniensis Chopard, 1911 , is here transferred to Phanocles in order to allow proper distinction of the species newly described herein (n. comb.). A description of the previously unknown ♂♂ of P. maroniensis is in progress by the two first authors.











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