Selenops pensilis Muma, 1953

Crews, Sarah C., 2018, Two new species of flattie spiders (Araneae: Selenopidae) and descriptions of undescribed males from the Caribbean, Zootaxa 4446 (1), pp. 125-137 : 128-129

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Selenops pensilis Muma, 1953


Selenops pensilis Muma, 1953

( FIGs 4–6 View FIGURES 1–12 , MAp 14)

Selenops pensilis Muma, 1953: 42 , fig 73 (♀ holotype from Grande’Anse , Haiti) . Alayón 1992: 2, fig 2 (♀); Crews 2011: 120, figs 155–156 (♀).

Type material. Holotype: fEmAlE, GrANdE’ANsE, HAItI, dEpOsItEd IN thE MCZ, ExAmINEd.

Other material examined: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Monte Cristi: 2 mAlEs, 1 fEmAlE, REsErvA CIENtIfIcA VIllA ElIsA, MONtE CrIstI, DOmINIcAN REpublIc, 19˚41.136’N, 71˚16.206’W, 23 JuNE 2012, TEAm CArBIO ( USNM 0 0 784714, UVMNHM 0 0 785274, 00784885).

Diagnosis. ThIs spEcIEs Is vEry sImIlAr tO Selenops enriquillo CrEws, 2011 ; hOwEvEr, thErE ArE mOrphOlOGIcAl dIffErENcEs, ANd thE sEpArAtION Of thEsE spEcIEs Is cOrrObOrAtEd by mOlEculAr dAtA ( CrEws & GIllEspIE 2010). ThE vRTA Of S. enriquillo Is bIfurcAtE (CrEws 2011, fIGs 159–160), thE MA Is lArGEr ANd lOcAtEd mOrE pOstErIOrly, ANd thE EmbOlus Is shApEd dIffErENtly ( FIGs 5–6 View FIGURES 1–12 ). AddItIONAlly, thE cymbIum Of S. pensilis IsN't As lONG Or NArrOw As It Is IN S. enriquillo .

Description. Male: Colour ( FIG. 4 View FIGURES 1–12 ). CArApAcE lIGht yEllOw-OrANGE, lIGhtENING tOwArd mArGIN; stErNum pAlE yEllOw; chElIcErAE yEllOw tO OrANGE-tAN, wIth blAck mArks ANtErIOrly; mAxIllAE pAlE yEllOw-whItE; lAbIum pAlE OrANGE-yEllOw; AbdOmEN wIth GrEy-blAck mOttlING ON A pAlE yEllOwIsh bAckGrOuNd, dArk cArdIAc mArk, dArkEr ON sIdEs, hAIry, wIth dIffErENt typEs Of hAIrs ON AbdOmEN (sOmE thIN, sOmE thIck); AbdOmEN vENtrAlly vEry pAlE yEllOwwhItE wIth NO mArkINGs; lEGs lIGht yEllOw-brOwN dOrsAlly, pAlE vENtrAlly, sOmE spOts ANd ANNulAtIONs prOxImAlly, but OpEN, wIthOut fIllEd cENtErs.

Prosoma. 0.92 tImEs lONGEr thAN brOAd; clypEus 0.14 hIGh.

Eyes. AER NEArly strAIGht tO rEcurvEd, PER rEcurvEd; PME lArGEr thAN AME, PLE lArGEst, ALE smAllEst; EyE dIAmEtErs AME 0.25, ALE 0.13, PME 0.34, PLE 0.36; INtErdIstANcEs AME-PME 0.04, PME-ALE 0.11, ALE-PLE 0.29, PME-PME 1.21, ALE-ALE 1.55; OculAr quAdrANGlE AME-AME 0.59, PLE-PLE 2.02.

Sternum. 0.95 tImEs brOAdEr thAN lONG, pOstErIOrly INdENtEd.

Mouthparts. ChElIcErAE wIth whItE sEtAE lAtErAlly ANd dArk sEtAE mEdIAlly; mAxIllAE lONGEr thAN brOAd, wIth tuft Of cONspIcuOus sEtAE dIstAlly; lAbIum dIstAlly rOuNdEd.

Pedipalp ( FIGs 5–6 View FIGURES 1–12 ). Fm, spINAtION d 0-1-4; cymbIum sOmEwhAt OvAl IN vENtrAl vIEw, slIGhtly ANGlEd pOstErOlAtErAlly, truNcAtE dIstAlly; scOpulAE dENsEr tOwArd tIp; cONductOr hEAvIly sclErOtIZEd, prOjEctING frOm cENtEr Of bulb, rOuNd bAsE wIth A smAll prOjEctION tOwArd 7 O’clOck, wIdE sINuOus cENtrAl ArEA, twO pOINtEd prOjEctIONs dIstAlly, ONE hOllOwEd Out; EmbOlus wIdE ANd shOrt wIth bluNt tIp, sclErOtIZEd AddItIONAl prOcEss; MA lOcAtEd ArOuNd 4 tO 5 O’clOck, slIGhtly sclErOtIZEd, trANsluscENt, cONcAvE wIth A lONGEr pOINtEd dIstAl pArt ANd A fEw shOrtEr trIANGulAr tEEth/prOjEctIONs lAtErAlly; vRTA squArIsh dIstAlly, dRTA squArE tO rOuNd, RTA wIth sEvErAl smAll strIAtIONs.

Opisthosoma. UNsurE If thErE ArE sEtAl tufts As mOst Of thE AbdOmINAl hAIrs ArE wOrN Off.

Legs. MANy mIssING lEGs; scOpulAE prEsENt NEAr thE tIp Of tArsI; tArsI wIth strONG clAw tufts; pr clAw pEr fOOt wIth>10 tEEth thAt ElONGAtE dIstAlly; spINAtION: lEG I, Fm pr 1-1-1, d 1-1-1, rl 1-1-1. All lEGs dIsArtIculAtEd but fAIrly spINy.

Measurements. TOtAl lENGth 7.50. CArApAcE lENGth 3.60, wIdth 3.90. StErNum lENGth 2.02, wIdth 1.91. AbdOmEN lENGth 3.9, wIdth 2.88. PEdIpAlp Fm 1.34, Pt 0.57, TI 0.77, TA 1.25, tOtAl 3.93. LEG I: Fm 5.93. All OthEr lEGs mIssING Or dIsArtIculAtEd.

Distribution. ENdEmIc tO HIspANIOlA ANd AppArENtly wIdEsprEAd thrOuGhOut thE IslANd (MAp 14).

Life history and habitat preferences. CrEws (2011) rEpOrtEd thAt thIs spEcIEs hAs bEEN fOuNd uNdEr rOcks.

Remarks. ThE OthEr mAlE (UVMNHM 00785274) vArIEs slIGhtly IN cOlOrAtION, bEING dArkEr OvErAll, ANd Is slIGhtly lArGEr (7.65).


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Selenops pensilis Muma, 1953

Crews, Sarah C. 2018

Selenops pensilis

Muma, 1953 : 42
Alayón 1992 : 2
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