Bathyraja aleutica (Gilbert, 1896)

David A. Ebert & Chante D. Davis, 2007, Descriptions of skate egg cases (Chondrichthyes: Rajiformes: Rajoidei) from the eastern North Pacific., Zootaxa 1393, pp. 1-18: 4-5

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Bathyraja aleutica (Gilbert, 1896)


Bathyraja aleutica (Gilbert, 1896) 

Description: The egg cases of Bathyraja aleutica  (Figure 3) are very large,>120 mm in length, with MAW about 73-76% of ECL. Egg case surface very coarse, striated, and with long anteriorly directed prickles giving it a velvety texture. Lateral keels very narrow, about 6-7% of MAW. Attachment fibers present, originating near base of posterior horns. Anterior apron border broad and concave, similar in width to the posterior.

Anterior horns relatively short, about 60-80% of ECL, curved inwards, tapering towards tips, becoming thin and filamentous. Posterior apron straight, broad, transverse, posterior horns longer than anteriors and about 90% or more length of egg case, tapering towards tips with tendrils coiling towards filamentous tips. Color after preservation a golden brown, lighter along lateral keels.

Remarks: A common species in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska its southern range is now known to extend into northern California (Hoff, 2002; Ebert, 2003).

Material examined: CAS 224337, 138.0 cm TL, eastern Bering Sea (56.1972 N, 169.7457 W), 242 m, 17 June 2002  ; MLML uncatalogued, 136.0 cm TL, eastern Bering Sea (60.3806 N, - 178.6524 W), 295 m, 29 June 2002  ; MLML uncatalogued, 134.9.0 cm TL, eastern Bering Sea (60.3806 N, - 178.6524 W), 295 m, 29 June 2002  .


USA, California, San Francisco, California Academy of Sciences