Asphinctopone differens Bolton & Fisher , Schoedl,, 2007

Schoedl,, 2007, Revision of Australian Meranoplus: the Meranoplus diversus group., Advances in ant systematics (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Homage to E. O. Wilson - 50 years of contributions. (Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 80), pp. 370-424: 59-61

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Asphinctopone differens Bolton & Fisher

sp. n.

Asphinctopone differens Bolton & Fisher  HNS  sp. n.

(Figs 1c,d; 2b,d)

Holotype worker. TL 3.7, HL 0.82, HW 0.66, CI 81, SL 0.61, SI 92, PW 0.48, WL 1.06. Answering the description of silvestrii  HNS  , above, but differing as follows.

Side of propodeum entirely densely irregularly sculptured.

Dorsum of propodeum with a pelt of fine short pubescence that is erect and weakly curved.

In addition, pubescence on the pronotum and mesonotum is more dense and more elevated than in silvestrii  HNS  . The propodeal dorsum in profile is longer and flatter than in any silvestrii  HNS  specimen examined, but the latter shows variation in the shape of the propodeum, and as only a single specimen of differens  HNS  is known it is impossible to tell if the sclerite also shows variation here. In differens  HNS  the dorsal margin of the anepisternum is distinctly concave, whereas in all known silvestrii  HNS  specimens it is flat to very feebly sinuate.

Holotype worker, Central African Republic: P.N. Dzanga-Ndoki, 37.9 km. 169°S Lidjombo, 2°22'N, 16°10'E, 360 m., 21.v.2001, #4130(30), CASENT 0417143, sifted litter, rainforest (B.L. Fisher) ( CASC).

The two species are obviously very closely related. We infer they are two distinct species because (1) specimens of silvestrii  HNS  are known from the type-locality of differens  HNS  and thus occur in sympatry and (2) the differences between the single specimen of differens  HNS  and all the observed material of silvestrii  HNS  are distinct for multiple non-overlapping characters


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