Paravaunthompsonia, Mühlenhardt-Siegel, Ute, 2008

Mühlenhardt-Siegel, Ute, 2008, The Cumacea of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, with the description of four new species and one genus, Zootaxa 1828, pp. 1-17: 2

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.183131

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gen. nov.

Paravaunthompsonia  gen. nov.

Diagnosis. Carapace with three small teeth dorsomedially on frontal lobe; ocular lobe wider than long, with lenses. Four free thoracic segments visible; pleonite 6 produced between the uropods and longer than their peduncles. Exopods on maxilliped 3 and pereiopods 1 to 4 in male. Maxilliped 3 with distal prolongations on basis and merus.

Type species: Paravaunthompsonia meteorae  gen. nov. sp. nov.

Etymology: The new genus is named Paravaunthompsonia  because of its resemblance, at first glance, to the genus Vaunthompsonia  .

Remarks. The new genus resembles in terms of the habitus at first glance members of the genus Vaunthompsonia  , however, it has eye lenses as have the bodotriid genera Sympodomma Stebbing, 1912  and Pseudosympodomma Kurian, 1954  , but not Vaunthompsonia Bate, 1958  . It differs from these in having no visible first pereionite. Paravaunthompsonia  , like Sympodomma  , has exopods in males at the first three pereiopods, and is, like Pseudosympodomma  , not laterally compressed.