Parvocyrtusa hispaniolensis Peck and Cook

Peck, Stewart B. & Cook, Joyce, 2014, A review of the small carrion beetles and the round fungus beetles of the West Indies (Coleoptera: Leiodidae), with descriptions of two new genera and 61 new species., Insecta Mundi 2014 (397), pp. 1-76: 38-39

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Parvocyrtusa hispaniolensis Peck and Cook

new species

Parvocyrtusa hispaniolensis Peck and Cook   , new species

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Diagnostic description. Total length 1.18–1.42 mm; greatest width = 0.84–0.92 mm. Reddish-brown, shining. Head densely punctate. Antennal club of four antennomeres, moderately robust; antennomere VII distinctly narrower than VIII and IX, antennomere X slightly narrower than VIII and IX. Left mandible edentate, right mandible with triangular tooth at anterior third. Pronotum finely punctate, short and broad; posterior angles obtuse; base broadly rounded, sinuate laterally. Elytral striae complete, clearly demarked by large punctures separated by less than one diameter; interstriae with smaller punctures. Median lobe of aedeagus ( Fig. 31, 32 View Figures 30–36 ) cylindrical, angulate at base; apex narrow and down-turned medially, with a pair of inwardly curved lobed appendages laterally. Parameres slender, reaching apex of median lobe, each bearing two apical setae.

Type material. Holotype, male, with the following label data: “DOM[INICAN REP[UBLIC]: LaVega Prov. / P.N. A. Bermudez, Cienaga / 19.VII–2.VIII.95, 1100m / trop.evgrn.for., FIT / S+J Peck, 95-36” ( SBPC)   . Paratypes (66) have the following label data: same data as holotype (11, SBPC)   ; same data as holotype except: 1020m, 95-34 (13, SBPC, 3, MCZC)   ; same data except: 1010m, 95-33 (15, SBPC; 3, FSCA)   ; same data except: 1000m, 95-32 (7, SBPC; 3, FMNH)   ; DOM. REP.: Pedernales / 26 kmN CaboRojo , 565m / evergreen dry forest / 29.XI–3.XII.91, intercept / Masner & Peck, 91-347 (1, SBPC)   ; DOM. REP.: Prov. Pedernales / Las Abejas , 1225m / 18°09’03”N, 71°37’48”W / 28 Jul–03 Aug 1999 / G.O. Dominici, F.I.T. (9, WIBF) GoogleMaps   ; DOM. REP.: Prov. Santiago / Par. Nac. A. Bermudez / Los Tablones, 1,290m / M.A. & R.O. Ivie colr / flight intercept trap // on Rio Izquiera / 19°03’N, 70°50’W, / 09APR–07JULY1992 (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution. Known only from Hispaniola.

Etymology. The epithet hispaniolensis   refers to Hispaniola where this species occurs.


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


West Indian Beetle Fauna Project Collection