Hippocampus algiricus Kaup, 1856

Wirtz, Peter, Ferreira, Carlos Eduardo L., Floeter, Sergio R., Fricke, Ronald, Gasparini, João Luiz, Iwamoto, Tomio, Rocha, Luiz, 2007, Coastal Fishes of São Tomé and Príncipe islands, Gulf of Guinea (Eastern Atlantic Ocean) — an update, Zootaxa 1523, pp. 1-48: 7

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Hippocampus algiricus Kaup, 1856


Hippocampus algiricus Kaup, 1856 

CASAbout CAS 21441View Materials (1 specimen) Príncipe, mouth of a creek flowing into Praia Rei, Bahia das Agulhas. UFESAbout UFES 154 (4 specimens) Lagoa Azul. Afonso et al. (1999) used the synonym H. punctulatus Guichenot, 1853  . A color photo of an animal from São Tomé was printed in Debelius (1998) and in Kuiter (2000) under the synonym H. deanei Duméril, 1857  . According to Lourie et al. (2004), the habitat is unknown. The NGS expedition found this to be a common species in shallow water (from 1 m depth down to at least 25 m depth), frequently clinging to large sponges.


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