Thalassoma newtoni ( Osório, 1891 )

Wirtz, Peter, Ferreira, Carlos Eduardo L., Floeter, Sergio R., Fricke, Ronald, Gasparini, João Luiz, Iwamoto, Tomio, Rocha, Luiz, 2007, Coastal Fishes of São Tomé and Príncipe islands, Gulf of Guinea (Eastern Atlantic Ocean) — an update, Zootaxa 1523, pp. 1-48: 14

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Thalassoma newtoni ( Osório, 1891 )


Thalassoma newtoni ( Osório, 1891) 

SMNSAbout SMNS 23066 (1 specimen) São Tomé City; SMNSAbout SMNS 23131 (3 specimens) Rolas Island; SMNSAbout SMNS 24878 (20 specimens) Rolas Island. UFESAbout UFES 172 (12 specimens) Praia Quinze, near Lagoa Azul, São Tomé. For a long time, T. newtoni  was treated as a junior synonym of T. pavo (Linnaeus, 1758)  . Afonso et al. (1999) also used the name T. pavo  but noted that the color pattern of animals from São Tomé island was distinctly different ( Figure 14). In a genetic comparison of the Atlantic species of the genus Thalassoma, Costagliola et al. (2004)  noted a large genetic divergence between specimens from São Tomé and Mediterranean specimens of T. pavo  ; furthermore, the species T. ascensionis  and T. sanctaehelenae  were more closely related to animals from São Tomé than these were to T. pavo  . Thus, T. newtoni  appears to be a valid species but a morphological comparison with T. pavo  is still outstanding. Juveniles of this species were frequently observed cleaning other fish.


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