Corcyrogobius lubbocki Miller, 1988

Wirtz, Peter, Ferreira, Carlos Eduardo L., Floeter, Sergio R., Fricke, Ronald, Gasparini, João Luiz, Iwamoto, Tomio, Rocha, Luiz, 2007, Coastal Fishes of São Tomé and Príncipe islands, Gulf of Guinea (Eastern Atlantic Ocean) — an update, Zootaxa 1523, pp. 1-48: 17

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Corcyrogobius lubbocki Miller, 1988


Corcyrogobius lubbocki Miller, 1988 

ZSMAbout ZSM 34195View Materials (1 specimen, Sete Pedras, 9 m depth); ZSMAbout ZSM 34185View Materials (1 specimen from Kia, 17 m depth); photographed at Bom Bom islet in 10 m depth, always in dark rocky places ( Figure 18). The species was previously known from only three specimens from Annobón Island and Ghana (Miller, 1988).


Bavarian State Collection of Zoology