Serranidae, Swainson, 1839

Van Hinsbergh, Victor W. M. & Helwerda, Renate A., 2019, Fish Otoliths from the Cabarruyan Piacenzian-Gelasian fauna found in the Philippines, Zootaxa 4563 (3), pp. 401-443: 436

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Serranidae  indeterminate

(Figures 115–118)

Material: 6 specimens in total. Anda3 (1) RGM 962321View Materials  ; Tiep2 (5) RGM 962268View Materials,  RGM 962322View Materials,  RGM 962323View Materials,  RGM 962324View Materials,  RGM 962325View Materials  .

Six juvenile Percoidea specimens probably represent one species. They have an oval to spindle shaped outline characterized by a strong pointed rostrum and in most specimens an extension of their posterior dorsal part. The lobed ventral rim is regularly curved, but with a feeble midventral angle in several specimens. Dorsal and ventral rims are ornamented with small somewhat blunted lobes, separated by furrows. The ventral part of the inner surface is slightly convex, the dorsal part rather flat including a small dorsal depression. The short ostium is wedgeshaped and widens towards the anterior rim. The cauda is more than two times longer than the ostium; it bends toward and almost reaches the posterior-ventral rim. The outer surface is flat in anteroposterior direction with knobs and furrows perpendicular to the rims. The specimens probably represent juvenile Serranidae  . However given their small size (OL= 1.16–1.24 mm; OL:OH=1.81–1.85), we consider them as not sufficiently diagnostic for further determination.