Kvaček, Zlatko, Teodoridis, Vasilis & Radoň, Miroslav, 2018, Review Of The Late Oligocene Flora Of Matrý Near Sebuzín (České Středohoří Mts., The Czech Republic), Fossil Imprint 74 (3 - 4), pp. 292-316: 296

publication ID 10.2478/if-2018-0018

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? Sparganium  sp.

Pl. 4, Fig. 5

M a t e r i a l s t u d i e d. Leaf impression PA 1424.1.,


D e s c r i p t i o n. The leaf fragments are parallel veined, comprising a 2 mm thick main vein and regularly spaced parallel lateral veins 1–2 mm thick. The veins are denser near the margin which is smooth. No cross veins were observed.

D i s c u s s i o n. Such leaf impressions have only rarely been encountered in the plant assemblages of the České středohoří Mts. Such monocot leaf remains cannot be safely identified to a particular genus but indicate the possible proximity of an aquatic environment. Similar but much wider leaf remains from the Miocene deposits of North Bohemia and elsewhere are often assigned to the fossil species Typha latissima A.BRAUN ( Kvaček and Hurník 2000)  .