Dipturus cerva Whitley

M. A. Treloar, L. J. B. Laurenson & J. D. Stevens, 2006, Descriptions of rajid egg cases from southeastern Australian waters., Zootaxa 1231, pp. 53-68: 62-63

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Dipturus cerva Whitley


Dipturus cerva Whitley  , 1939 - White-spotted skate

(Fig. 6)


Found in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, in depths of 20-470 m (Last and Stevens 1994).


Egg case small, round in shape (Table 1); colour fawn/brown. Dorsal and ventral surfaces with thick fibroids; lateral keel absent. Attachment fibres prominent on lateral margin; horns fairly short, roundish, similar in length at both posterior and anterior ends. As egg case becomes narrower, apron becomes more pronounced at posterior end.