Leucinodes ugandensis , Mally, Richard, Korycinska, Anastasia, Agassiz, David J. L., Hall, Jayne, Hodgetts, Jennifer & Nuss, Matthias, 2015

Mally, Richard, Korycinska, Anastasia, Agassiz, David J. L., Hall, Jayne, Hodgetts, Jennifer & Nuss, Matthias, 2015, Discovery of an unknown diversity of Leucinodes species damaging Solanaceae fruits in sub-Saharan Africa and moving in trade (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea), ZooKeys 472, pp. 117-162: 138-140

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scientific name

Leucinodes ugandensis

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Lepidoptera Crambidae

Leucinodes ugandensis  sp. n. Figs 10, 22, 30


Uganda, Eastern Uganda Region, Serere District, Okulongo, 8 December 1958, W. R. Ingram leg.

Material examined.

Type-specimens. Holotype ♂ [red-circled label] "Holo- | type", "[transversally written] 1608 | "SERERE | Okulongo | 8 Dec. 1958 | W.R.Ingram | ex Solanum  sp.", "Pres. by | Com Inst Ent | BM1959 - 499", "C.I.E. No. 16499", with cocoon under specimen. 2 paratypes: 1♂ same data as holotype and " Pyralidae  | Brit Mus | Slide No. | 14696". 1♀ same data as holotype except 9 Dec. 1958 (BMNH). - Additional material.ETHIOPIA. 2♂ Diredaua, n.w. of Harar, 1914, leg. G. Kristensen, 1♀ Dire Dawa, Abyssinia, i.1935, leg. H. Uhlenkuth (BMNH); SOUTH SUDAN. 1♀ Tambura, Southern Bahr-al-Ghasal (BMNH); SOMALIA. 4♂ 1♀ Mogadishu, 17.-26.xi.1985, 7.vii.1986, 19-20.viii.1986 and 23.vii.1986, leg. A.G. Parker, BMNH Pyralidae  slides No. 23140 & 23137 (BMNH); 1♂ Hargeison, 4300ft, v.1939, leg. M. Portal Hyatt (BMNH); KENYA. 1♀ Somaliland, Mandera, 47km SW of Hubera, 3000ft, 13.xi.1908, leg. W. Feather (BMNH).


Distinguished from the whitish species of Leucinodes  and Leucinodes ethiopica  by the predominantly brown forewing ground colour with minor white patches. Distinguished from Leucinodes laisalis  in the male genitalia: less strongly sclerotized, valvae triangular, fibula small, tooth-like, a similarly shaped distal sacculus process present, saccus process shorter, phallus much shorter, dorsoposterior apodeme without slim, finger-like process.

Description of adults.

Head. Head and appendages pale fuscous, labial palpus short, erect.

Thorax. Pale fuscous, metathorax blackish fuscous.

Wings. Forewing length 6.5-11.5 mm. Forewing pale fuscous, an oblique brown partial fascia at halfway with white markings on either side, an orange triangle on dorsum beyond halfway, apex deep brown, separated by a whitish line. Hindwing whitish, fuscous suffused near margin in middle and towards apex, a faint subterminal line in costal part of wing.

Abdomen. Abdomen first segment whitish, remainder orange-brown.

Male genitalia. As for the genus, apart from: small, hooked dorsad fibula emerging from the ventrocentral inner side of valva; distal sacculus with dorsad ridge forming a bulge, followed by a spiny, curved terminal process overlapping with the fibula; phallus vesica with several small spiny cornuti.

Female genitalia. As for the genus, apart from: diffusely sclerotized exocuticula reaching into posterior ductus bursae; lateral antrum pockets rather small.


Latinized ugandensis from the country Uganda where the type specimens originate.


Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda.


Solanaceae  : Solanum  sp.


No COI Barcode sequences were obtained for this species.