Bañon, Rafael, Arronte, Juan Carlos, Rodriguez-Cabello, Cristina, Piñeiro, Carmen-Gloria, Punzon, Antonio & Serrano, Alberto, 2016, Commented checklist of marine fishes from the Galicia Bank seamount (NW Spain), Zootaxa 4067 (3), pp. 293-333: 299

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Family Dalatiidae  

Dalatias licha (Bonnaterre, 1788)   —Kitefin shark

101 specimens were caught at depths between 731 and 1,115 m. Length data were available for 37 specimens ranging from 38 to 151 cm TL (117.1 ± 31.8), with males between 38 and 122 cm (N= 10) and females between 42 and 151 cm (N= 26). Habitat and Distribution: deepwater, warm –temperate and tropical shark of the outer continental and insular shelves and slopes from 37 to at least 1800 m depth, but most common below 200 m. Northeast Atlantic from north of the British Isles to the northwestern coast of Africa, including Azores and Madeira Islands, Mediterranean Sea, western North Atlantic, Central and western Pacific, and Indian oceans. Vulnerability: EN ( IUCN), VHV (FishBase).