Odontomachus simillimus

Smith, F., 1858, Catalogue of the hymenopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. Part VI. Formicidae., London: British Museum: 80

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Odontomachus simillimus


11. Odontomachus simillimus   LSID   . Pl. V. figs. 8, 9. B.M.

Female. Length 4 1/2 lines.-Resembling O. haematodes, with the following differences: the mandibles more distinctly serrated, the sulcations on the sides of the face anteriorly, not so deeply impressed, or so smooth and shining, they also terminate before reaching the ocelli; the line running from the ocelli to the posterior margin of the vertex is not so deeply impressed; the most striking difference is to be found in the neuration of the wings; the discoidal cell is of a somewhat different form, and the externo-medial nervure is straight, and unites with the transverso-medial nervure at the basal angle of the discoidal cell; in other respects it scarcely differs from O. haematodes.

Hab. Fidjee Islands; Ceylon.

The difference pointed out in the neuration of the wings would appear to indicate a generic distinction; but an examination of a number of winged females shows a frequent approach to the neuration of the present species, and in specimens of the male of haematodes, taken with the female from the same nest, by Mr. Bates, the neuration is found to be identical with that of O. simillimus   LSID   ; in the British Museum are two specimens from Ceylon which appear to be identical with the present species.