Parioglossus dotui

Rui Wang & Richard Winterbottom, 2006, Osteology and phylogeny of Parioglossus (Teleostei, Gobioidei), with a revised key to the species., Zootaxa 1131, pp. 1-32: 29

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Parioglossus dotui


P. dotui  ZBK  :

OMNH-P 4381, 50 (17.8-28.2). Mouth of Urauchi River, right bank, under Urauchi Bridge, north-west of Iriomote Island , Ryukyu Islands. 2 Jan. 1991, Suzuki et al.  OMNH-P 13849, 2 C&S (17.2-26.6). Data as above .