Leptolaena multiflora Thouars

Schatz, G. E., Lowry, P. P. & Wolf, A. - E., 2001, Endemic families of Madagascar. VII. A synoptic revision of Leptolaena Thouars sensu stricto (Sarcolaenaceaea)., Adansonia 23, pp. 171-189: 184

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Leptolaena multiflora Thouars


6. Leptolaena multiflora Thouars 

Hist. Veg. Isles Austral. Afriq.: 41, t. 11 (1805).Type: Thouars s. n., Madagascar, without precise locality (P!).

As here recognized, Leptolaena multiflora  occurs primarily in coastal forest mostly on sand, with a few populations recorded farther inland, probably on similar substrates (Fig. 2). In the past, this species has been broadly circumscribed to include all of the new taxa described here, as well as the Sambirano endemic L. cuspidata  . As defined here, L. multiflora  can be distinguished by its glabrous, elliptic, usually almost equilateral leaves, the largest of which usually exceed 5.5 cm in length and dry an olive green to brownish color. In addition, the sepals at anthesis exceed the involucre teeth by (0 - 8 -) 1 - 1.8 mm, a feature that separates L. multiflora  from L. abrahamii  .

Vernacular names.Amaninombilahimena, Amaninombilahy, Amaninombilahy a petites feuilles, Anjananjana, Birana, Dilatra, Dilatry Lahy, Fotona, Fotona Beravina, Fotonala, Hazoambo, Hazomasy, Helana, Jana, Manilombilahy, Manina ombilahy, Sarifatra, Tsilaitra a petites feuilles.

Conservation status.Despite an extent of occurrence and area of occupancy far in excess of 20,000 km 2 and 2,000 km 2 respectively, with only four of c. 19 sub-populations occurring in protected areas, and thus indicating a possible population reduction in the next three generations of> 50 %, L. multiflora  is assigned a preliminary status of Endangered (EN).

MATERIAL EXAMINED.Baron 2632, Bojer s. n., Forbes s. n., Louvel 6, Thouars s. n., without precise locality; Andrianjafy 66, Rantabe; Bernard 372, Masoala PN; Birkinshaw 354, Mananara RB; Boivin s. n., Foulpointe; d'Alleizette 268, Nosy-Be (?); Decary 5198, Ifandana; Humblot 349, Nosive; Perrier de la Bdthie 14186, Mahanoro; Rabe 157, Beankoraka; Rabenantoandro 563, Mahatsara STF; Rabevohitra 3808, Mahabo; Rahajasoa 424, Masoala PN; Raholivelo 37, Tampolo STF; A. Randrianasolo 292, Ilaka-Est, 458, Tampolo STF; Reserves Naturelles 2746, 3403, 5514, 9113, 9124, 9310, Masoala RNI; Richard s. n., Foulpointe; Richard 4, 40, Ste. Marie; Schedl 135, Ambila-Lemaitso STF; Service Forestier 4 - R- 7, Antetezana STF; Service Forestier 89 - R- 303, Manampano; Service Forestier 174 - R- 116, Ampasinambo; Service Forestier 745 - R- 1, AmbilaLemaitso STF; Service Forestier 1371, Andatsakala; Service Forestier 1616, Ambila-Lemaitso STF; Service Forestier 2414, Soanierano Ivongo; Service Forestier 3680, Tohakandra; Service Forestier 3809, Misevo; Service Forestier 4679, Antetezana STF; Service Forestier 4813, Ifanirea; Service Forestier 5107, Berano; Service Forestier 5677, Foulpointe; Service Forestier 6252, Rantabe; Service Forestier 7494, Fampotakely; Service Forestier 7510, Antetezana STF; Service Forestier 8901, Rantabe; Service Forestier 9501, Ampangalana Atsimo; Service Forestier 10053, 10076, Tampolo STF; Service Forestier 12401, Amporoforo; Service Forestier 12929, Manombo STF; Service Forestier 13906, Amporoforo; Service Forestier 14504, Ifanirea; Service Forestier 15215, Tampolo STF; Service Forestier 15302, Manombo RS; Service Forestier 15305, Berano; Service Forestier 15378, Andrazaha; Service Forestier 15493, Analavory; Service Forestier 16118, Ambazato; Service Forestier 16215, Evato; Service Forestier 16472, 17820, Tampolo STF; Service Forestier 18082, Vohibola; Service Forestier 19173, Tampolo STF; Service Forestier 19535, Ampangalana Atsimo; Service Forestier 21217, Ambila-Lemaitso STF; Service Forestier 21471, Ambohimary; Service Forestier 21493, Manombo STF; Service Forestier 29717, Lakato; Service Forestier 29860, Tampolo STF; Service Forestier 29892, Ambila-Lemaitso STF; Service Forestier 32831, 34550, Mahatsara; Service Forestier 34575, Sahamalaza; Service Forestier 35140, Mahatsara; Ursch 116, Tampina.