Megachile insularis

Smith, F., 1859, Catalogue of hymenopterous insects collected by Mr. A. R. Wallace at the Islands of Aru and Key., Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 3, pp. 132-158: 134

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Megachile insularis


3. Megachile insularis  HNS  .

M. nigra, nitida, delicatula punctata, facie pube pallide fulva vestita, abdomine subtils pube laete ferruginea vestito, alis hyalinis.

Female. Length 5 1 / 2 lines. Black; the head and thorax finely and closely punctured, the abdomen delicately so; the face clothed with pale fulvous pubescence, the mandibles with two blunt teeth at their apex; the clypeus shining and strongly punctured. Thorax: the wings subhyaline with a slight cloud at their apex; the basal joint of the posterior tarsi with a dense dark ferruginous pubescence within. Abdomen: the four basal segments with transverse impressed lines in the middle; beneath, clothed with bright ferruginous pubescence; the abdomen has an obscure aeneous tinge above.

Hob. Aru.