Uromyces euphorbiae

Hernandez, J. R., Piepenbring, M. & Rios, M. B. V., 2007, A new species, Dicheirinia panamensis, and new records of rust fungi from Panama., Mycol Progress 6, pp. 81-91: 89

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Uromyces euphorbiae


Uromyces euphorbiae  Cooke and Peck

on Chamaesyce sp. Panama, Cocle Province, Aguadulce, 8°13.227'N, 80°36.558'W, 24 Nov. 2004, leg. J.R. Hernandez 2004-083, II-III(BPI864141).On Poinsettia heterophylla (L.) Klotzsch and Garcke. Panama, Chiriqui Province, Distrito de Alanje, La Barqueta, 8°18.258'N, 82°34.822'W, 27 Nov. 2004, leg. J. R. Hernandez 2004-135, II (BPI 864142).

U. euphorbiae  is cosmopolitan, reported as widespread in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania on species of Euphorbiaceae (Farr et al. 2004; Hernandez et al. 2005a, b). This is the first report of U. euphorbiae  from Panama.