Careproctus longifilis Garman 1892

David L. Stein, 2005, Descriptions of four new species, redescription of Paraliparis membranaceus, and additional data on species of the fish family Liparidae (Pisces, Scorpaeniformes) from the west coast of South , Zootaxa 1019, pp. 1-25: 17

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Careproctus longifilis Garman 1892


Careproctus longifilis Garman 1892  ZBK 

Material examined. SIO 72-189, male, 50 mm SL, 55 mm TL, Sta. MV72-II-32, 15° 39.2 S, 76° 13.6' W, Peru (Nazca Ridge), 10-11 May 1972, 8 m otter trawl, ca. 3475 m.

This specimen is small and somewhat damaged, but fits the species description well in all particulars. Careproctus longifilis  ZBK  was redescribed by Stein (1978) who described its range as from Panama to Oregon, predicting that “more specimens would be reported from deep water throughout the eastern Pacific Ocean.” This specimen extends the range considerably further south to Peru. The species seems to have an unusually broad range for a snailfish.